LONGi’s Climate Action White Paper 2023: Operational emissions reduced by almost 40%


LONGi, a global leader in solar technology, today reported that it has reduced operational emissions per unit of revenue by nearly 40% in 2022, with 47% of LONGi's total electricity consumption sourced from sustainable alternatives, eliminating approximately 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. These sustainability achievements were announced as part of the company's third consecutive Climate Action White Paper.

Since 2012, the total capacity of PV wafers delivered by LONGi has reached nearly 290 GW, which translates into a total power supply of more than 1140 Terawatt hours. This is equivalent to saving 140 million tons of coal. In addition, 530 million tons of carbon dioxide have been avoided by the photovoltaic wafer shipped by LONGi in the same period which is equivalent to planting 2.67 billion trees.

LONGi’s Flagship: Zero Carbon Plant in Baoshan uses 99.09% green power 

In 2022, 99.09% of the total power consumed at LONGi’s Baoshan manufacturing plant was green power. The construction of a rooftop solar power system has been completed, and the natural gas tail gas recovery project has been launched. Currently, LONGi’s Baoshan manufacturing base has been verified by the world's leading certification company SGS Institute Fresenius in accordance with PAS 2060 on the commitment to achieve carbon neutrality.

“It is an honor to lead a company that prioritizes sustainable development through clean energy, and one way we demonstrate that commitment is through LONGi’s annual Climate Action White Paper,” said Zhenguo Li, Founder and President of LONGi. “We hope that the release of this report here at COP28 signals to the international community that despite the challenges of slow global economic recovery and local conflicts, LONGi is committed to sustainable development not only in China but around the globe.”

SBTi, ISSB, IPE: LONGi's commitment to sustainability is evaluated and validated by renowned international research initiatives 

The annual report, now in its third year, underscores LONGi’s commitment to addressing climate change and moving towards a net-zero future through solar innovation and research. Other achievements highlighted in the report include LONGi becoming the first Chinese solar company to receive approval from the Science-based Target Initiative (SBTi) for near-term targets, a significant achievement for the company. LONGi also embraced the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

The TCFD was created in 2015 by the Basel-based Financial Stability Board (FSB) whose role is to promote international financial stability. It focuses on reporting on the impact an organization has on the global climate seeking to make firms’ climate-related disclosures more consistent and therefore more comparable.

On June 26th, 2023, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) was invited by China to release the first two disclosure guidelines, which set a common benchmark for sustainability information disclosure globally. Recently, LONGi obtained the ISSB “Partnership for Early Awareness of Sustainability-Disclosure Today” (P4EAST) from the Beijing International Sustainability Conference. As a leading solar technology company, LONGi also supports the ISSB guidelines as a globally consistent baseline for sustainable climate information disclosure. LONGi hopes to encourage upstream and downstream companies in the photovoltaic industry to learn and understand the ISSB guidelines. 

Another notable accolade is LONGi’s third consecutive top ranking in the Corporate Climate Action Transparency Index (CATI) conducted by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE). This is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to transparency and climate action within the industry.

Water-saving renovations: Moving toward a net-zero future through solar innovation and beyond 

LONGi’s efforts extend beyond solar technology, and the company has made significant investments in 2022 to implement water-saving renovations, expand alternative water source projects, and improve the use of reclaimed water in its manufacturing processes. As a result, LONGi reduced water consumption per unit of product in cell production by more than 51 percent in 2022 compared to 2020, exceeding the 2025 target of a 46 percent reduction.

“The journey to a net-zero future may take longer to achieve, but we will eventually reach our goal - this is what we said in our first white paper, and it still holds true today,” said Zhenguo Li. “The annual publication of our white paper is meant to show our firm ambition, pragmatic actions and progress in climate protection to the whole of society. LONGi is committed to demonstrating the value and impact of solar technology as we collectively seek sustainable development practices and leverage new ways to address climate change.”

The full Climate Action White Paper can be downloaded here: https://www.longi.com/en/special-event/climate-action-2023/

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