LONGi Solar enters strategic partnership with energy provider enercity for the supply of Hi-MO 6 modules for the end customer market

  • Cooperation includes exclusive access to highly efficient LONGi solar modules "Hi-MO 6" with unique back-contact technology (HPBC) for 12,000 single-family houses 
  • This partnership is yet another milestone for LONGi's launch of the Hi-MO 6 series 
  • enercity customers benefit from the fast and reliable delivery of new and existing buildings

LONGi Solar Technologies, the leading global solar technology company, and the German energy service provider enercity are entering into a strategic partnership to supply Hi-MO 6 modules for a total of 12,000 single-family home roofs in the German end customer market. The goal of this alliance is to provide a reliable supply of particularly high-performance solar modules for photovoltaic applications in the private customer segment - both for new installations and existing systems. The Hi-MO 6 modules are exceptionally efficient, reliable and cost-effective thanks to the unique back contact technology (HPBC). LONGi has thus reached another milestone in the introduction of the Hi-MO 6 module into the European market.

Dr. Susanna Zapreva, CEO of enercity and Nick Wang Vice President of LONGi Europe Distributed Generation (DG)
Dr. Susanna Zapreva, CEO of enercity and Nick Wang, Vice President of LONGi Europe Distributed Generation (DG)

End customers reap the benefits of a faster PV supply and high power yield 

The modules in the Hi-MO 6 series provide the end customer with a higher power yield on the same, and often limited, roof space. Thanks to the new back contact technology, the modules have excellent low-light performance and are thus remarkably efficient. Consequently, the Levelized Cost of Electricity, (LCOE) for end consumers is reduced, measured in terms of the acquisition and operating costs in relation to the power produced by the solar energy system. 

"With enercity, we are gaining an ambitious partner with whom we can drive forward the energy transition at various levels. Together, we are setting a clear course in the market for PV end-customer applications and supply solar technologies that yield measurable economic advantages for consumers", says Nick Wang, Vice President of LONGi Europe Distributed Generation (DG). The Hi-MO 6 module was developed specifically for rooftop installations.  

The Hanover-based energy service provider enercity, in turn, is expanding its product portfolio of high-quality components for the generation of solar power as a result of the cooperation with LONGi. "Quality, efficiency, and aesthetics are excellent differentiators. Our customers benefit from accelerated flows of reliable and highly efficient solar technology. With five percent more energy yield per year and 10 additional years on the product warranty, we have an unbeatable product for our customers," says enercity CEO Dr Susanna Zapreva. In the future, customers will benefit from high technical performance and a product warranty of 25 years - 15 years is standard market practice in the end customer sector. 

enercity’s partner SchwörerHaus is yet another key player in this success story. Customers of the company, which provides premium-quality prefabricated houses, can now configure their photovoltaic system from enercity and tailor it to their home. In the future, new and existing customers of SchwörerHaus will be able to purchase the state-of-the-art solar energy systems for new and existing buildings exclusively through enercity.

Hi-MO 6 modules have arrived on the European market 

LONGi’s partnership with enercity marks another milestone in their launch of the Hi-MO 6 module in the European market. “The demand for modules with back contact technology is increasing significantly. This means that LONGi is now making a new premium technology for solar cells suitable for mass production. Until now, manufacturing back contact technology cells has been very cost-intensive and complex", says Gerald Müller, Sales Director of LONGi for the DACH region. He adds: “The increased demand can be attributed, firstly, to the higher efficiency and reliability compared with other modules and, secondly, to the aesthetic appeal.”

The technology in the Hi-MO 6 determines the design. The module is unique due to its busbar-free front view. This gives it a slim, minimalist appearance and is thus also a response to the increased aesthetic demands of end users for solar modules. The obsidian-black variant of the Hi-MO 6 is particularly elegant and popular with end customers.

Hi-MO 6 – Next generation high-performance and long-lasting solar modules 

As part of the strategic partnership, enercity will enjoy guaranteed access to the high-performance PV modules of LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 series. The Hi-MO 6 operates on the basis of what is termed back contact technology (HPBC - Hybrid Passivated Back Contact), which is used only by a small number of solar energy companies due to the complex and expensive production process. The technology is particularly efficient and delivers very high performance even with low light intensity. Its busbar- and connection-free front side not only improves efficiency but also enhances the module's reliability and aesthetic appeal. With a module efficiency of up to 23.3 % and module output of 88.9 % after 25 years, the Hi-MO 6 is the next generation solar module.  


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