LONGi Solar and Energy3000 sign 1.5 GW supply framework agreement


Munich / LONGi Solar Technologies, a leading global solar technology company, and Energy3000, an internationally operating full-service provider for photovoltaic products and solutions based in Austria, have entered a multi-year supply framework agreement. The official signing ceremonies have been celebrated today at Intersolar 2023 in Munich.

The framework agreement spans three years and comprises the supply of at least 1.5 GW of LONGi Solar modules destined for several projects throughout Europe and beyond. With this agreement, the customers of Energy3000 are able to realize their projects with industry-leading products from LONGI Solar and reach their full potential.

The agreement allows Energy3000 to access LONGi’s entire product chain according to the needs of its customers. Among the product range is LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 series setting new design and technology standards in the DG market with a maximum efficiency of 23.2% enabled by its HPBC technology (Hybrid Passivated Back-Contact Cell), as well as the new Hi-MO 7, an ultra-high-value modular product created by LONGi for large ground power stations around the world that employs the HPDC technology (High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell). 

Christian Bairhuber, CEO of Energy3000, commented: “In the era of terawatt and exponential growth, you need reliable partners on your side to ensure planning security and a speedy implementation of your project pipelines. Therefore, we are looking very much forward to our extended cooperation with LONGi. Their top-notch and high-efficiency products support us in providing and accelerating industrial excellence.”

During the signing ceremonies at the Intersolar 2023 in Munich, LONGi’s vice president for DG in Europe, Nick Wang said: “We are proud to be a chosen partner of Energy3000. This underlines our long-term and trustful relationship, and we are thrilled to support Energy3000 in its efforts to accelerate the energy transition – this is our shared goal.”

Michael Bairhuber, Head of Sales at Energy3000, added: “The agreement with LONGi will support us to significantly expand our presence in the European market as well as to diversify the expansion of our solar generation capacities in Europe.”

About LONGi and LONGi Solar

LONGi Solar is one of the world’s largest solar technology companies ranking first in global module shipments since 2020. It is a subsidiary of LONGi Green Energy Technology (LONGi) which was founded in 2000. LONGi has more than 60.000 employees, 30+ locations and 30 manufacturing sites globally. LONGi Europe is headquartered in Frankfurt. a. M. The company established five business sectors covering mono silicon, wafers cells and modulescommercial and industrial distributed solar solutionsgreen energy solutions and hydrogen equipment to support global zero carbon development. Since 2021, LONGi has broken the photovoltaic (PV) cell conversion efficiency record 14 times in a row. In 2022, LONGi set a new world record of p-type HJT silicon solar cell efficiency at 26.81% certified by the German Institut für Solarenergieforschung (ISFH) Institute for Solar Energy Research) in Hameln.

Presskit Intersolar: https://www.longi.com/en/distributorbriefing/intersolar-presskit

About Energy3000

Energy3000 is a leading provider of products, solutions and services in the field of photovoltaics, storage systems and renewable energies.

Energy3000 solar is dedicated to sustainable energy systems and solutions for the third millennium. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has carried out intensive research and development work in the field of renewable energy. This expertise flows specifically into the planning, project planning and practical implementation of photovoltaic systems of all sizes and requirement profiles.

The Energy3000 group operates internationally and manages from its locations projects in the complete European area.

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