LONGi Hi-MO 6 - Aesthetic PV modules with high efficiency and reliability thanks to enhanced HPBC technology

The Hi-MO 6 Scientist. The premium module of the series with a cell efficiency of 25.3 percent.
The Hi-MO 6 Scientist. The premium module of the series with a cell efficiency of 25.3 percent.

Following the launch of the new Hi-MO 6 series in key regions of the global DG market in November 2022, LONGi Solar completed the market launch and introduced the module in Germany and France.

The latest generation of LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 product family is based on the high-efficiency HPBC cell technology and has been developed exclusively for the DG market (residential and commercial rooftop installations).

Enhanced HPBC technology realizes high efficiency modules

HPBC stands for Hybrid Passivated Back Contact Cell. It is a new post-PERC-era cell technology that features a unique front-side busbar-free design. The technology significantly improves the light absorption, the photoelectric conversion capacity, the low-light performance, and the temperature coefficient. This results in higher module performance, which is still 88.9% after 25 years. This leads to a significant power generation gain. Typical regional power generation simulations around the world show an average gain of 10% over conventional PERC modules.

The Hi-MO 6 comes in a series of four models: Explorer, Scientist, Artist, and Guardian, with the first two to be available on the global marakt. The "Explorer" is the basic version with an HPBC cell efficiency of 25% and a module efficiency of 22.5%. The Hi-MO 6 Pro version "Scientist" has a cell efficiency of 25.3% and a module efficiency of 23.2%.

High reliability and long-term stability with tests above IEC standard values

In the Hi-MO 6, LONGi uses a back-contact soldering technology that uses a single-line solder structure instead of the traditional Z-shaped structure. As a result, the Hi-MO 6 module achieves excellent long-term stability and passes test standards well above IEC values. The novel cell contacting results in lower mechanical stress on the cells. This increases the resistance to microcracks and thus also the protection of the cells. The Hi-MO 6 cell edges only have to withstand a pressure of 26 MPa, while cells with conventional welding are subjected to a pressure of 50 MPa.

Strict material selection, controlled manufacturing, and demanding stress tests (hail, hurricane, high temperature, dynamic load, etc.) during the production process ensure high reliability and product quality. The modules also have low degradation. International independent testing bodies have also confirmed the reliability of Hi-MO 6. PVEL awarded the "Best Performer" award for six years in a row and RETC awarded the "High Achiever" award for four years in a row for the LONGi modules Hi-MO 4, 5 and 6.

Discerning aesthetics as a respond to the residential market demands

The HPBC cell has a busbar-free design in the front view. This gives it a slim and minimalist appearance. The Hi-MO 6, and especially the obsidian black version, thus redefines the aesthetics of PV modules. The modules embody a minimalist design of modern industrial architecture and fit seamlessly into countless application scenarios. Both the Hi-MO 6 Explorer and Scientist models are available in "Obsidian Black", a full-black version, and "Star", in which the white dots look like a starry sky. The enhanced aesthetics are LONGi’s design response to one of the key demands for private households which has become increasingly important: becoming energy autarkic while having an appealing rooftop look.

Available in standard sizes for comfortable installation

All modules have the standard size M10 (182 mm) and are available in 72C, 66C, and 54C. Immediately available are the Hi-MO 6 Explorer modules with 54 cells in the "star" design. The Explorer modules with 66 and 72 cells is available upon request, as is the Explorer module in "obsidian black" and the Scientist modules in all three sizes.

Data sheets of the LONGi Hi-MO 6 product range



o  Hi-MO 6 Explorer LR5-54HTH 415-435M

o  Hi-MO 6 Explorer LR5-72HTH 560-580M

Obsidian black (full-black)

o  Hi-MO 6 Explorer LR5-54HTB 410-430M



o  Hi-MO 6 Scientist LR5-54HTH 440-450M

o  Hi-MO 6 Scientist LR5-72HTH 585-600M

Obsidian black (full-black)

o  Hi-MO 6 Scientist LR5-54HTB 435-445M

Further data sheets will follow.

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