LONGi joins WEF 2024 Annual Meeting in Davos and Co-launches SDG Project “Light Up Africa” with Shenzhen Power Solutions

  • Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi, and Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, represent the Chinese photovoltaic industry at World Economic Forum in Davos and deliver speeches 
  • LONGi partners with Shenzhen Power Solution for the DG Project “Light Up Africa” to help off-grid communities in Africa. 
Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, with Li Xia, Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Power Solution at the World Economic Forum Congress Center
Dennis She (left), Vice President of LONGi, with Xia Li (middle), Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Power Solution at the World Economic Forum Congress Center

LONGi is participating at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos (Winter Davos Forum). Baoshen Zhong, Chairman of LONGi, and Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, will represent the Chinese photovoltaic industry at the event and deliver speeches on various subjects. At the WEF, LONGi announced that it closed a partnership with Shenzhen Power Solution, a professional off-grid solar home system manufacturer. Together, they will launch the project “Light up Africa” and provide tailor-made solar products, including cells and modules, to off-grid communities in Africa to help alleviate poverty and improve education.

The WEF brings together over 2,800 leaders from 120 countries to discuss the theme of "Rebuilding Trust" across numerous perspectives, including economic growth, climate and environmental action, energy security, technology governance, and human development.

WEF Forum: LONGi Shares Experience in Leading Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing

Recent statistics from the World Bank highlight the strong contrast in energy utilization, with the top 20% of economies accounting for a staggering 80% of the world's energy consumption. As a global leader in solar PV technology, LONGi aspires to be a proponent of global energy equity values. The company aims to encourage more individuals and businesses to actively participate in the energy revolution, fostering the creation of clean energy accessible to all.

Throughout the week-long WEF annual meeting, various sessions will present the latest proposals and solutions, aiming to make progress in global security, trade, economic growth, employment, climate and environmental action, energy transition, technological innovation, health, and well-being.

Baoshen Zhong, Chairman of LONGi, said: "As an ardent member of the World Economic Forum and its Global Lighthouse Network (GLN), LONGi will continue to strengthen its technical innovation, integrate ‘Solar for Solar’ green manufacturing concepts and stainability goals within its global operation and production value chain. These actions position LONGi as a responsible and top player in the world’s solar industry. We are thrilled to be sharing our experiences in leading smart and sustainable manufacturing in the renewable sector.”

LONGi will actively participate in several high-level meetings and national strategic dialogues during the WEF annual meeting, including sessions such as "IGWEL: Building Trust in Energy Transition" and "Accelerating to Net Zero: Innovative Strategies for Manufacturing." The company will share its perspective on global energy equity and sustainable development. 

New Partnership: LONGi and Power Solution launch SDG Project “Light Up Africa” at WEF 2024 in Davos

The partnership will support off-grid communities in Africa and has been initiated due to reported information of over 780 million people, about 10% of the world’s population, living in off-grid regions, most of them in the Sub-Saharan Desert areas. Founded in 2009, to date Power Solution has brought solutions to 66 countries and helped more than 54 million individuals living in extreme poverty, including 7.8 million families.

Xia Li, founder of Shenzhen Power Solution said: “Power Solution is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the global BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) population using green energy. Joining forces with LONGi will allow us to offer more sustainable solutions for the future of African countries.”

Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi, said: “As a pioneer of solar innovation in renewable energy, LONGi has been committed to reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of solar power, which is not only beneficial for countries seeking the energy transition, but also important for the underdeveloped regions to have access to green power.” He added: “We believe that by working closely with Power Solution, LONGi can offer the most-needed communities with affordable green solar solutions to empower the BOP communities in Africa to improve income and have better access to education.”

Dr Francois Bonnici, Director of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and Head of Social Innovation at the World Economic Forum, said: “It's exciting to witness the partnership between LONGi and Power Solution, to be able to demonstrate what is possible when a company and a social enterprise come together, using the power and scale of a company and the grassroots ability of a company like Power Solution to bring electricity, energy and opportunity to the BOP population.”

Dennis She added: “Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG7) is key to achieve all United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a more sustainable future. The decrease of solar power costs is the very foundation for energy equity at the global scale, especially to the underdeveloped regions.”

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