33.9%: LONGi sets new world record for the efficiency of crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells


LONGi has set a new world record for the efficiency of crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells: 33.9% – certified by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). LONGi has now surpassed the previous record of 33.7% set by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in May this year. The new efficiency record has also exceeded the Shockley-Queisser (S-Q) theoretical efficiency limit of 33.7% of single junction solar cells for all cell materials for the first time. This provides significant empirical evidence showcasing the superiority of crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells over their crystalline silicon single junction counterparts in terms of efficiency. 

This breakthrough by LONGi is the most recent advancement following the earlier efficiency records of 31.8% announced at the SNEC 2023 on May 24 and 33.5% at the Intersolar Europe 2023 on June 14.

LONGi is holding efficiency records for two technologies 

Dr. Xixiang Xu, the Chief Scientist and Vice President of LONGi Central R&D Institute, is very proud that LONGi is now holding two cell efficiency records: 33.9% for crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells and 26,81% for silicon heterojunction cells. This underlines LONGi's dedication to continuously developing not only one, but multiple solar cell technologies, with a clear objective in sight: creating solar products with ever increasing efficiencies to facilitate the global energy transition. 

Zhenguo Li, Founder and President of LONGi, said: “The efficiency of solar cells is a key indicator and benchmark for evaluating the potential of photovoltaic technologies. As the mainstream solar cell technology with more than 90% of the market share, the efficiency of crystalline silicon single-junction cells needs to be continuously improved.” 

The efficiency of crystalline silicon single-junction cells is currently approaching its theoretical limit of 29.4%. The theoretical efficiency limit of crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cells can reach 43%, and it is recognized as the mainstream technical solution for breaking the efficiency limit of crystalline silicon single-junction cells. The emergence of crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem technology has opened up a new track for the development of next-generation high-efficiency solar cell technology. This means that the same area, absorbing the same light, can emit more electricity. 

Jiang Hua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), said that LONGi's new world record of 33.9% efficiency means that the enterprise's research and development in crystalline silicon-perovskite tandem solar cell technology is at a globally leading level. Jiang Hua pointed out that the photovoltaic industry is a cost-oriented industry, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency are the core of development. Continuously improving the conversion efficiency of solar cells is an effective measure to reduce LCOE. Once this high-efficiency solar cell technology truly achieved mass production, it would promote a significant decrease in the cost of photovoltaic power generation compared to previous technologies, which would be beneficial for promoting the growth of the global photovoltaic market according to Hua. The growth of the photovoltaic market would also drive the entire global energy transition. 

Zhenguo Li reiterated that LONGi closely monitors shifts in the industry and always adheres to the main paths of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and innovation. “LONGi has consistently displayed a willingness to invest more in the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and its further development. For a long time, we have laid out various technological routes in R&D and collaborated with multiple parties to create efficient models and collaborative innovation mechanisms. This does not only help LONGi, but also other players of the PV industry.”

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