In the post-epidemic era and economic recovery, the CIIE will connect China and the world, becoming the four major platforms for international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation, and becoming an international public product shared by the world. Longi's national theme exhibition showcases Longi's global vision, and at the same time promotes Longi's philosophy, and fully communicates with other companies, organizations, and associations, in order to help global energy reform and economic recovery and development.


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Xie Zhenhua
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Shi Dinghuan
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Li Gao
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Li Chuangjun
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Jiao Xiaoping
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Li Shushen
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Shi Yubo
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Liu Yong


11-07 11-08
How to realize the economies of scale in the green hydrogen energy industry chain?
Wang Yingge
Deputy General Manager of Longi Hydrogen Energy

The 4th China International Import Expo

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