Wheat under the solar panels

Notícias da LONGi

June, harvest season of wheat As one of the essential grain in summer, the golden wheat depicts its harvest romance on this vast land, bringing happiness and hope to countless people on farmland of China.

This happiness and hope are refreshing in Qianyang County of Baoji City in Shaanxi Province. The clean energy generating solar panels and the wheat waves underneath it consists the true scene of the “friendly solar power station “supplied by LONGi.


Amid the undulating golden wheat, rows upon rows of the black blocks are pretty striking. You will found you are at the 100MW composite solar power station site constructed by LONGi in Qianyang County.

The complementary advantage integrated between solar and agriculture on this project will not only yield power and grains while costs cut, energy saved and carbon emissions reduced, which will lead to the win-win results of solar development and rural vitalizations. Once the constructions is to be finished, this project is able to optimize local power mix and reliefs its power supply shortage while the economic development in this area could be promoted.