LONGi releases its ESG Summary Report at Intersolar Europe, presenting the company’s sustainability concept of "LIGHT" to key customers and stakeholders

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【Munich, Germany | June 15,2023】At the Intersolar Europe 2023, one of the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry in Munich, Germany, LONGi released its ESG Summary Report, presenting the company’s sustainability concept of "LIGHT" to key customers and stakeholders. This is also the first time that LONGi is directly presenting its ESG concepts, actions and achievements in Europe.

Looking back at 2022, global development is facing major changes such as economic fluctuations and geopolitical conflicts. However, achieving carbon neutrality remains a global consensus and action, particularly with European countries firmly pursuing green transformation and net-zero actions. As a leading clean energy company, LONGi has been empowering its own sustainable growth and its key customers and stakeholders through innovation-driven technology development.

In 2022, LONGi set its sustainable development goal of “Affordable for All”. In 2023, the company announced its sustainability concept of "LIGHT" with 5 factors including “Lead”, “Innovative”, “Green”, “Harmonious” and “Trustworthy”, which combines LONGi’s development strategy and in line with industry characteristics and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The report shows LONGi used 4.2 billion kWh of renewable energy in 2022, accounting for 47.18% of its total energy consumption, which was higher than 40.19% of total green energy use in 2021. By using green power, LONGi has reduced 2.43 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions throughout 2022. This is equivalent to planting 135 million trees.

In 2022, LONGi achieved a water reuse rate of 63.67%, representing an increase of over 12% compared to 2021. The total water intensity for 2022 was 282.50 (tons/million RMB revenue), which is a significant decrease of 34.8% from 2021. Additionally, the water conservation contribution accounted for 20.84% in 2022.

LONGi’s entire silicon wafer product lines have obtained the French carbon footprint ECS certification, covering the carbon emission level throughout the entire life cycle of silicon wafers, from raw materials, manufacturing, and shipping to storage. LONGi’s wafer products have achieved industry-leading results on carbon emission levels, especially on wafer pulling and slicing. Furthermore, LR4-72. LR5-54 and LR5-72 series modules have received UL EPD and EPD Italy certifications.

Following the methodology of science-based carbon targets set by SBTi, LONGi commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions within our operational scope by 60% from the 2020 baseline by 2030. LONGi also pledged to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon intensity per ton of silicon material, per watt of solar cell, and per ton of glass purchased in 2030 compared to 2020.

LONGi continuously enhanced the greenhouse gas verification system and dynamically adjusted decarbonisation strategies based on emission reduction outcomes. By using green power, LONGi has reduced 2.43 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions throughout 2022. In 2022, there was a 2.01% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within the operational scope of the entire organization compared to 2021.

According to the certification by the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) in Germany, LONGi's self-developed silicon heterojunction solar cell has achieved a conversion efficiency of 26.81%, breaking the 5-year-old record for silicon solar cell efficiency. The R&D investment in 2022 accounted for 5.54% of the revenue, demonstrating continuous improvement.

According to the joint calculation with Carbon Trust, over the past decade from 2012 to 2022, LONGi has produced 290 GW of photovoltaic products, resulting in a cumulative clean energy output of over 1.15million GWh. Based on the average emission factor of the global power grid estimated by the IEA, this is equivalent to avoiding 536 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, accounting for 1.46% of the total global energy-related carbon emissions in 2022.

“In the era of global carbon neutrality, with the vast clean energy market ahead, we will embrace an open mindset and continue to innovate and lead with technology. Leveraging the advantages of our global innovation and R&D centers in the United States, Japan, Germany, and other countries, we will strengthen cooperation with global research institutions, academics, and industry-leading companies. Together, we will drive technological breakthroughs and market applications in clean energy, contributing our efforts to achieve global sustainable development goals.”Says Talisman Huo, Brand General Manager of LONGi.

Looking to the future, LONGi will continue to uphold its ESG principles and practices, further refine the sustainable development strategies, strengthen relationships with internal and external partners, and promote the global clean energy industry's development in a more efficient, low-carbon, and intelligent manner.

Please visit https://www.longi.com/en/sustainable-development/promise/longi-sustainability/ for the full report.

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