LONGi expands cooperations in Sweden

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LONGi, the largest producer of solar modules globally, has grown its partnerships with Swedish solar installers Aprilice and Senergia. The two companies were the first in the world to receive and deploy LONGi’s latest advanced technology. Following the manufacturer’s November 2022 release of its new “Hi-MO 6” module series, the first examples worldwide were sent to the Nordic market and have now been installed by the two firms on homes in Stockholm.

Aprilice’s CEO Jingwei Cheng noted: “We were eager to expand our cooperation with LONGi and order the new series because it features a light and compact format of 1,7 by 1,1 meters, and a significant 2 to 3% increase in efficiency. Plus, the HPBC cell technology is completely without visible silver-coloured busbars, allowing for an aesthetically attractive product. And further, the new technology has reduced the degradation rate by 25%, promising a real improvement in performance over the long-term.” 

The first Hi-MO 6 rooftop array that Senergia installed features 28 modules of 425W with a total capacity of 11.9kWp, generating approximately 12,000kWh of electricity per year. This will cover nearly 60% of the typical Swedish household’s annual electricity consumption of 20.000 kWh, according to the Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau. The homeowner receiving this first delivery of the new panels explained: “For us, reliability, performance, design, and also price were important parameters to consider in the decision. When the LONGi module was presented as an option for us, we felt that these factors were all incorporated.”

Exponential growth for Nordic solar market

Beyond leadership on implementing technological advances, Sweden has also doubled the rate at which solar capacity is growing in 2022. From 500 MW in 2021, the Swedish solar market then installed 1 GW last year, bringing the country’s total photovoltaic capacity to 2.6 GW. Together, the Nordic countries are expected to install up to nearly 13 GW of new capacity by 2030.

About LONGi

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