LONGi Announces Hi-MO 5m (54-cell) Modules Transition From 15 to 25 Year Product Warranty for Australia and New Zealand

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LONGi is excited to announce the introduction of a 25-Year Product Warranty for its Hi-MO 5m (54 cell Series) modules for the residential rooftop solar market in Australia and New Zealand.

The 10-year increase in Product warranty (from 15 to 25 years) matches the already existing 25-Year Performance Warranty and comes after identifying how important it has become for consumers to have full confidence and peace of mind at the time of choosing their solar system components.

Brett Robinson, National Sales Manager at LONGi Solar Australia, said “we’ve listened to our customers, from our trusted distributors to all solar retailers and installers and have understood how important it is for them to show end users that not just their businesses, but also the components they use, are significantly reliable and durable. LONGi modules are well-known to combine these two qualities with suitable prices which makes them one of the most installed panels globally. Now, this upgraded 25-Year Warranty will make the offer to consumers even stronger”.

LONGi’s Hi-MO 5m 54c are designed mainly for residential and C&I rooftop systems, producing a maximum power output of 415W, and achieving an outstanding efficiency of 21.25%. The modules rely on trusted P-Type technology which has proved to be the most value/cost efficient in the market.

The Hi-MO 5m modules use the M10 (182mm) half-cut cells industry standard which have demonstrated to be optimal not just for all manufacturing processes from ingots and wafers to cells and modules, but also for PV module deployment, transport and installation. “LONGi is a company that doesn’t just follow trends. We test, re-test, and consistently evaluate all angles of the supply chain, from manufacturing to delivery, to ensure that the products our customers and end users are getting meet expectations and achieve the desired objectives. We want to make sure that our products and our warranties are clear evidence of the strong R&D support our operation has”, Robinson added.

Product and performance warranties have been a constant discussion topic in the past few years as consumers become more informed and conscious of choosing components that will protect their investment for as long as possible. “We are sure this news will be welcomed by our selected distribution partners and of our loyal solar retailers. We wanted to start the year ‘with a bang’ and can’t wait to see 2023 becoming the best year for solar”, Robinson said to finalise.

The Product Warranty increase applies to the below LONGi module types:

1-    LR5-54HPH-xxxM (54-cell Series)

2-    LR5-54HPB-xxxM (54-cell Series)