LONGi’s Innovative Photovoltaic Floor Tiles Distinguish Themselves at EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE

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As the largest world expo after the outbreak of COVID-19, EXPO 2020 Dubai has all along been highly spotlighted since its opening in October 2020. 

LONGi’s photovoltaic floor tiles make an impressive debut at EXPO 2020 Dubai
LONGi’s photovoltaic floor tiles make an impressive debut at EXPO 2020 Dubai

This Expo gives prominence to the innovation and the future development of mankind, at which the China Pavilion, titled "Light of China", attracted and amazed lots of visitors. Featuring a traditional Chinese red lantern design and being one of the largest pavilions at the Expo, the China Pavilion does not just stand itself out by virtue of its Chinese elements, but more its numerous dazzling technologies.

Under the theme "building a community with a shared future for mankind - innovation & opportunity", the China Pavilion gives center stage to the country’s latest achievements in aerospace exploration, information technology, modern transportation, artificial intelligence and smart life from the perspectives of “common dream”, “common earth”, “common home” and “common future”.

As the designated photovoltaic solution supplier, LONGi shoulders the mission of providing efficient and reliable photovoltaic products and system solutions for the China Pavilion during this 6-month Expo, to showcase cutting-edge Chinese technologies to the world.

Under the light poles in front of the China Pavilion square and on the roads of the east and the west of the Pavilion, LONGi paved photovoltaic floor tiles made from high-efficiency mono modules, which perfectly align with the concept of "Light of China", and are also appropriate to actual ground conditions of the Pavilion.

Our photovoltaic floor tiles are strongly underpinned in all directions, enabling them to resist a pressure of 3 t/m2 loads. The skidproof treatment has been made to these tiles to ensure that people can walk on them safely. The electrical safety is also one of our designers’ top priorities. These tiles are thus equipped with excellent electrical insulation properties to prevent hidden dangers like electric leakage and shock.

Thanks to their reliable, advanced and beautiful design, these innovative photovoltaic floor tiles have gained great attention since its debut. As one of the world’s leading solar technology companies, we are showing the world what’s possible for the future with our leading technologies and push for zero carbon.

After being designated by the China Pavilion as its photovoltaic solution supplier in early 2020, we carried out a series of design, R&D, testing and construction work, to provide the world’s leading integrated photovoltaic energy solutions at full blast. LONGi works together with excellent partners from all walks of life to show China’s efforts and vision in scientific and technological innovation to the rest of the world at this grand global Expo. What’s more, we will also make practical efforts to help realize the carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions, so as to deliver new and greater contributions to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. 

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