LONGi Unveiled the New High-Power PV Module in Australia

Local News

LONGi was honored to sponsor the CEC Large Scale Solar Forum in Brisbane, during which the new LONGi 430W Hi–MO4 module was launched to the Australian market by Boyal Mao, General Manager of LONGi Solar Australia and Kane Thornton, Chief Executive of CEC Australia. The launch of Hi-MO4 in Brisbane was joined by leading developers, EPC and industry experts from across Australia. Australia was the second stop in the Hi-MO4 Global Launch, coming right after its debut in the Intersolar Europe 2019.

Compared to the Hi-MO3 half-cell bifacial module released in 2018, Hi-MO4 retains the Hi-MO3 characteristics of excellent bifacial power generation, achieving 8-20% gain in back power generation in various ground-surface environments, matched with high reliability and low attenuation.

Hi-MO4 deploys upgraded PERC technology with 6 busbars and cell efficiency reaching 22.5%. While the front-side power Hi-MO3 is 380W (72 cells), Hi-MO4 increases this to more than 420W, and reaching 430W. BOS cost can be reduced by approximately 7%, and LCOE by 1.4%. Combined with tracking systems, the LCOE can be further reduced. Due to the high EPC cost in Australia, the novel Hi-MO4 product from LONGi will achieve the required solar system size with less number of panels, therefore significantly reducing the BOS cost. This next generation of high powered PV module is well suited for the Large Scale Solar projects. 

"Australia has an abundance of sunlight and large-scale ground power plants have risen rapidly. More efficient products that drive down LCOE and BOS are needed to meet the demand of the market," said Boyal Mao, General Manager of LONGi Solar Australia. “LONGi's Hi-MO4 bifacial PERC module plus tracker is ideal in bringing higher efficiency and maximizing returns. For this reason, LONGi's high efficient modules have seen high demand here in Australia.”