LONGi and Krannich Solar enters partnership to bring class-leading and best value solar products for customers in Australia

Local News

With successes as partners in different regions, LONGi, the world’s leading solar technology company and Krannich Solar, an active wholesaler in photovoltaic since 1995, will extend the distribution partnership to Australian soil to bring class-leading and best value solar products for customers in Australia.

Krannich Solar, headquartered in Weil der Stadt, Germany, is one of the world’s leading photovoltaic distributors with branches in 16 countries and enjoys global recognition with presence. Since 1995, Krannich has offered a broad range of products that cater for all solar applications needs of installers and retailers. In Australia, Krannich’s distribution footprint include Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, with warehousing in these areas.

Krannich Solar Australia opened its doors in Victoria in 2012 and have been committed in serving the Australian market since, offering system planning, design service, technical support, and training to installation partners across the country. Krannich is proud to stock only products of the highest quality in its product range portfolio.

During these challenging times, strong partnerships are key for industries to thrive and a springboard to strengthen commitment to the use of green energy. LONGi Australia warmly welcomes Krannich as our distribution partner. We are confident that the partnership will offer Australians more opportunities to leverage the benefits of solar energy in their homes and businesses.

LONGi and Krannich look forward to serving our Aussie customers and providing the best quality and value solar solutions.

If you’d like to know how to buy LONGi products with Krannich Solar, please visit their website https://krannich.com.au/ or get in touch on info@krannich-solar.com.au