COP28 Solar+Pavilion
LONGi and the All-China Environment Federation, announced on Tuesday the launch of the Solar+ Pavilion during the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) scheduled to take place from Nov 30 to Dec 12 in United Arab Emirates. Throughout the conference, the Solar+ Pavilion will host over 25 series of events covering various topics, including seawater desalination, decarbonization transformation for high-energy-consuming enterprises, energy transition in underdeveloped regions, technological innovation, green electricity, green hydrogen and global cooperation.
COP 28 in Dubai
COP 28 in Dubai
COP 27 in Eygpt
COP 27 in Eygpt
COP 24 in Poland

COP28 Solar+Pavilion Event Agenda

11-30 12-01 12-03 12-04 12-05 12-06 12-08 12-09 12-10 12-11
Solar+Pavilion Opening Ceremony
China's Computing Power · Datong Practice — Super Energy Complex Launch Conference

LONGi's COP Journey

As COP 28 is about to begin, LONGi stands ready to present our journey since 2018. Join us as we showcase a half-decade of unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. Stay tuned for more achievements that reflect our dedication to a greener future.

LONGi's COP Journey

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COP 25 Spain in 2019

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COP 28 UAE in 2023

Climate Action 2023 White Paper of LONGi

LONGi’s Third White Paper Highlights the Company’s Accomplishments, Commitments to Sustainable Development.