Supply Chain Mission

A world leading ecological system for supply chain will be shaped by the company through the modern supply chain management theory and technical means on basis of the company development strategies. This system is able to guarantee the production operatio

Supply Chain Vision

To develop the most competitive supply chain for solar industry, to create value for customers with the most competitive costs and conscientious services.

Supply Chain Ecology

LONGi collaborates with partners from all walks of life to become more involved in the solar industry for collaborative innovation and the development of a green industrial base.
Procurement Principles
When working with our suppliers, LONGi upholds the concept of "honest cooperation," and is committed to creating a fair, just and collaborative environment.
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Code of Conducts
When working with our suppliers, LONGi upholds the concept of "honest cooperation," and is committed to creating a fair, just and collaborative environment.
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Waste Material
LONGi sells various waste materials (covering waste cardboard, waste plastic, waste diamond wire, silver paste cloth, waste quartz and waste graphite etc.) in long terms through tendering, welcome qualified business partners engaging in the biddings.
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Idle Assets
LONGi sells various equipment (main andauxiliary equipment from wafer, cell and module processes, utility equipment,instruments, gauges, logistics and transportation equipment) in long termsthrough tendering, welcome qualified partners engaging in.
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LONGi Supplier Introduction Process
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Information registration
After filling in the basic information of the new supplier, signing the code of conduct and confidentiality commitment letter,become a registered supplier
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Basic Qualification Examination
New suppliers shall be qualified according to the category entry standard, and will become the candidate suppliers after assessment
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Comprehensive comparison
Candidate suppliers will be ranked by comprehensive comparison with existing suppliers, and the top quality suppliers will be certificated
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Inspection & system certification
Do inspection and system certification for the on-site supply capacity, quality management ability, technology research and development ability, compliance management ability, EHS management ability of supplier
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Product certification
Supplier product certification includes the sample test, pilot test, batch test, verify product quality and supply capacity
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Sign agreement
Sign the main purchase agreement, quality agreement, technical agreement, confidentiality agreement, etc., and officially become a qualified supplier
Bidding Announcement
RFQ for Cooling Tower Treatment, etc (Ingot 2, Wafer, Cell Plant)
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RFQ for Magnetic Door and Card Access Control System (Ingot 2, Shaping Plant)
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