Procurement Principles
LONGi has been upholding the “honest cooperation” philosophy in relationship with suppliers, as it devoted to build a just and fair cooperation ecosystem. In order to maintain a healthy cooperation environment, all suppliers are asked to observe below principles. 1. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations and rules of the industry, adhere to the just, fair, open, honest, faithful principle, and not engage in any activities that impair each other interests; 2. Not provide any false product and company information to LONGi in order to get transaction opportunities or for that purpose; 3. Keep confidential information in safe hands, and do not disclose or deliver the information to any third party without LONGi's written permission; 4. Not bribe LONGi employees and their relatives by any means, including but not limited to presenting money, property, shopping cards, securities, free labor, or pay any of their expenses; 5. Not engage in any material selling or buying or agency activities with LONGi business personnel and their close relatives if the material is related to cooperated project,; 6. Not play foul with other bidders in bidding, not take any measures to sideline other bidders and sabotage the fair competition or jeopardize LONGi's interests; 7. If LONGi purchasing employees take advantage of their jobs to ask for any interests or gifts, suppliers are obliged to report to LONGi supervision department in a timely manner.