LONGi is committed to becoming a promoter of the solar energy industry, working with suppliers to enable in-depth development and collaborative innovation in the photovoltaic field, building a green industrial ecological chain, promoting business practices consistent with LONGi's core values (i.e. reliability, value added and pleasure), providing guidelines for suppliers to take social and environmental responsibilities and follow business ethics, reducing the impact of operations on the environment, and actively contributing to the community. Based on this, LONGi requires suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries/regions where they operate as a prerequisite for cooperation with LONGi. LONGi encourages suppliers to adopt internationally recognized industrial standards and best practices to continually improve their CSR management. The Code of Conduct outlines LONGi's expectations and requirements for suppliers in terms of code of ethics, labor protection, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility management system. To ensure that LONGi's suppliers conduct their business in a highly ethical, socially and environmentally responsible manner, all of LONGi's suppliers shall comply with the Code of Conduct. LONGi will irregularly evaluate the suppliers' compliance with the Code of Conduct and adjust their evaluation level accordingly. Any violation of the Code of Conduct may jeopardize the business relationship between the supplier and LONGi, including termination of cooperation. The Code of Conduct applies to the suppliers providing products and/or services to LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively referred to as "LONGi"), as well as its employees, labor workers, apprentices, foreign workers and other workers providing labor or services.
I. Basic Principles
1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
1) The suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, governmental normative documents and regulatory requirements of the countries/regions where they operate. 2) The suppliers shall comply with all applicable international treaties and international conventions in business activities.
2. Compliance with the Principle of Honesty and Business Ethics
1) The suppliers shall undertake to always implement the principle of good faith in all stages of cooperation without faking or delusion. 2) The suppliers shall avoid self-dealing or conflicts of interest, and involve no unethical or dishonest conduct that would harm LONGi's interests. 3) The suppliers shall follow business ethics and be responsible to make their own behaviors conform to social norms.
3. Compliance with the Agreement/Contract with LONGi
1) The suppliers shall get familiar with, understand abide by all system requirements and contract provisions of LONGi for suppliers and their products and product control, including the Code of Conduct. 2) The suppliers shall establish and continually improve the procedures, systems and processes of chain of custody according to LONGi's requirements for suppliers to achieve traceability of the whole process from raw materials to product delivery and to ensure that all elements and links of the process meet LONGi's purchasing standards and requirements.
4. Compliance with Other Principles
1) The suppliers shall be aware that their activities will have a direct or indirect impact on individuals, local economic and social development and human well-being. Therefore, The suppliers shall strive to build responsible community relations and invest, operate and so on in a sustainable manner. The suppliers shall respect the countries and communities in which they are located and promote quality development of local communities through initiatives of cultural and social value.
II. Special Requirements
5. Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery
1) The suppliers shall neither tolerate any form of corruption or bribery committed by their employees, third parties or intermediaries, nor engage in any form of corruption or bribery, including paying any money or giving any other form of advantage to any government official/counterparty/other interested party in violation of laws and regulations in order to influence their decision-making.
6. Labor Protection
1) The suppliers shall not tolerate any form of discrimination, including those concerning recruitment, terms of employment, wage, training opportunities, promotion, termination, retirement procedures and/or any other employment-related decisions, but must be able to demonstrate how it monitor the equal and fair treatment of their employees. 2) The suppliers shall resolutely put an end to the employment of child workers, and shall not engage in or tolerate any form of violations of labor laws and regulations. 3) The suppliers shall provide fair wages to their employees, ensure compliance with applicable laws on wage, working hours and benefits, and pay their employees’ wages promptly. 4) The suppliers shall acknowledge and respect, without discrimination, their employees' rights to freedom of assembly and association, to organize, to form labor unions and to bargain collectively in accordance with applicable laws and regulations 5) The suppliers shall ensure no personal documents or other valuables such as passports, work permits are kept and no deposits are charged to restrict their employees or freedom of action. 6) The suppliers shall oblige their suppliers/partners not to violate labor protection principles or purchase products or raw materials produced in violation of labor protection principles, etc.
7. Health and Safety
1) The suppliers shall provide and maintain a safe and reliable work environment for their employees in accordance with applicable laws and safety standards agreed in the contract. 2) The suppliers shall control hazards and take the most reasonable and possible preventive measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. 3) The suppliers shall provide training and ensure that internal and external employees are educated in terms of health and safety to protect the safety of themselves and their working partners. 4) The suppliers shall ensure safety standards are followed at all times throughout the operation.
8. Environmental Protection
1) The suppliers shall handle various matters in accordance with applicable statutory and international standards on environmental protection, including the management of hazardous substances and wastewater. 2) The suppliers shall avoid, minimize and offset any material impact of their operations on biodiversity in their production and operation activities where necessary. 3) The suppliers shall adopt conservation and alternative measures, e.g. replacing traditional energy with renewable energy, reducing e the consumption of energy, water and natural resources, continually promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively practicing the concept of green supply chain. 4) The suppliers shall concern about the progress of national and international environmental lawmaking and assess and respond to environmental impacts according to specific projects implemented.
9. Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection
1) The suppliers shall take proper care of LONGi's information, including but not limited to taking confidentiality measures that are not less strict than those for confidential information, limit the release of LONGi's confidential information, avoid discussing and disclosing such confidential information in public places, and comply with the requirements of confidentiality agreement. 2) The suppliers shall collect, process, disclose or store personal information only for lawful commercial purposes and by lawful means, and ensure that a valid authorization or permission is obtained before collecting, processing or transferring such personal information to the third party.
10. Intellectual Property
1) The suppliers shall adopt practical and effective measures to protect LONGi's 2) The suppliers shall respect the intellectual property of any third party, do their due diligence during cooperation with it, timely detect and avoid counterfeit products, and avoid infringing others' intellectual property.
11. Fair dealing, Advertising and Competition
1) The suppliers shall fully comply with all applicable anti-monopoly and fair competition laws in the countries/regions where they operate, and conduct their businesses based on these laws. 2) The suppliers shall uphold the standards of fair business, advertising, and competition.
12. Export, Import and Trade Controls
1) The suppliers shall abide by all relevant applicable laws and regulations on trade, import and export controls in the countries/regions where they operate, and earnestly fulfill relevant responsibilities and obligations. 2) The suppliers shall continually improve their employees' awareness of trade compliance, incorporate the trade compliance into the company system and process, and timely make updates and adjustment according to the changes in external laws and regulations to enable trade compliance management and supervision in all business links.
13. Responsible Mineral Purchase
1) The suppliers shall establish specific policies or perfect procedures not to use or sell "conflict minerals" (coltan, cassiterite, gold, wolframite and cobalt mined in the Congo and any country with which the Congo has an internationally recognized border or their derivatives). 2) Throughout the supply chain, The suppliers shall conduct due diligence on all sources and chains of custody contained in products supplied or manufactured by them to ensure no absence of "conflict minerals", and provide due diligence measures and results as required by LONGi. 3) This clause is only applicable to ① the suppliers that supply the materials, parts, modules and sub-assemblies to LONGi, integrates them into LONGi's products and supply the products (hereinafter referred to as "products ") to LONGi for resale by LONGi; ② the products indirectly delivered to LONGi by suppliers, e.g. transshipment of products to LONGi through order placing and/or product delivery to the third parties (LONGi's original equipment manufacturers and distributors) (no matter these goods are being processed or unchanged in any form), provided that such suppliers have known the transshipment arrangements for such products.
14. Information Disclosure
1) The suppliers shall accurately record information regarding their business activities, labor protection, health and safety and environmental practices, and shall disclose such information upon request by interested parties without faking or misrepresentation.
15. Responsible Supply Chain
1) The suppliers shall respect the dignity and autonomy of suppliers cooperating with them, use reasonable efforts to make their suppliers to address social and environmental risks in their supply chains and to ensure that their suppliers/partners comply with requirements consistent with the Code of Conduct. 2) The suppliers shall ensure that they and their suppliers/partners comply with local laws and regulations on labor protection and environmental protection as well as relevant international treaties, and identify, prevent, mitigate, terminate or minimize adverse effects on labor protection and the environment through internal rules and regulations. 3) The suppliers shall keep LONGi's commitment to internationally recognized principles or standards on labor protection and environmental protection. 4) The suppliers/partners shall actively fulfill their social responsibilities and continually improve their CSR management level. LONGi shall include those that obtain relevant standards/national standards and establish the management system or pass the third-party audit and certification in the extra point column for supplier/partner management, with cooperation opportunities prioritized to them under the same conditions.