Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements for all suppliers providing goods and services to LONGi Green Energy Co., Ltd. and its Affiliates ( hereinafter abbreviated as "LONGi") concerning their responsibilities towards their stakeholders, affected groups and the environment. The supplier declares herewith: Legal compliance To comply with all applicable laws, regulations and administrative regulatory documents under the applicable legal system(s). Management systems To set up and continuously improve appropriate management processes to prevent, identify, mitigate and if necessary remediate negative social, ecological, health and safety related impacts on workers and communities; To establish an effective complaint and grievance procedure to ensure that any worker, acting individually or with other workers, can submit an appeal and/or grievance without suffering a prejudice or retaliation of any kind. Observations to the Principle of Honest and Trustworthy To ensure all information and materials provided are continuously authentic and valid, free of any fraudulence, counterfeit, and fabrications, including but not limited to qualification (including the franchised business), license, authorization, product names, specification, product quality, service specification, note, certificate and title and right restrictions; to inform LONGi timely and to provide the most updated and valid materials in the event of any changes of the above materials and documents; to adhere to the principal of good faith and integrity in the entire business process. Unless the contract specifically and clearly allows for assignment, without the prior written consent from LONGi (signed by the authorized representative and sealed with the company chop or contract chop),absolutely not to transfer any of its rights and obligations in the contracts to any third parties,not to conduct any activity that may harm the interests of LONGi. Not to conduct any bid rigging or bidding collusion when bidding for LONGi's projects. Prohibition of corruption and bribery 1、To not tolerate or engage in any form of corruption or bribery conducted by employees, third parties or agents, including any payment or other form of benefit conferred on any government official for the purpose of influencing decision making in violation of law. 2、To fully understand and obey all applicable domestic and oversea laws and regulations on anti- corruption and bribery, as well as LONGi's corruption-free policies and requirements; 3、Absolutely not to provide false information for the purpose of transaction. Absolutely not to provide anything of value , either directly or indirectly (including through third parties)to LONGi employees or other stakeholders to obtain or retain business or otherwise achieve transaction purposes; anything of value including but not limited to the following: a) Providing presents or money as gifts (for instance, during birthdays, weddings, and holidays); b) Providing loans, red envelopes, sales rebates, bonuses, etc; c) Providing cash equivalent benefits such as gift cards, bank cards, oil fuel cards and securities; d) Providing services for entertainment, physical exercise, cosmetics, banquets, medication, training, housing furnishing, vehicles for personal purposes and traveling, etc. To fully understand and support LONGi’s policies and requirements of "the associated relations", and committed to the following: 1) Not to invite or accept on-job employees working in LONGi or their close relatives to hold shares in Supplier, subsidiaries of Supplier, or associated companies; 2)Not to invite or accept on-job employees working in LONGi to work part-time for Supplier, subsidiaries of Supplier, or associated companies; 3)Not to invite or accept on-job employees from LONGi to introduce their close relatives to work for Supplier, its subsidiaries and associated companies; 4)Not to deploy close relatives of on-job employees on sensitive purchasing posts in LONGi for procurement businesses related to LONGi; 5)If supplier is associated with the existing other suppliers of LONGi, supplier shall report to LONGi purchasing personnel in writing before the cooperation with LONGi;. If Supplier violates the commitments stated above, Supplier should bear responsibility for the losses to LONGi due to their violations. Meanwhile, LONGi has the right to hold Supplier accountable for economic compensation according to the anti-corruption clauses stipulated in the contracts. Requirements of Procurement Process Purchasing Department is the only channel for procurement activities. It is the only department in LONGi in charge of organizing open bidding, business negotiation, bidding award notifications to Supplier, contract signing, issuing Purchase Orders (PO), forecast estimations, and notification on shipment of goods. Other than formal written agreements issued by purchasing department, LONGi is neither liable nor responsible for non-formal and non-written agreements made in between Supplier and other irrelevant parties. Procurement Code of Conduct. 1)Bidding Document (Business and Technical Bidding): Supplier must only refer to written notification from Purchasing Department on the issuance and amendment of information (including technical data, lead time, warranty, origin of raw material, manufacturer, specification, spare part brand and model) on the bidding document. LONGi is neither liable nor responsible for any consequences resulting from informal and non-written amendments requested by other irrelevant parties. 2)Quotation: Quotation in the form of written document or online submission (including but not limited to documents, such as stamped quotation, tender offer letter, bidding document) will be the only reference for LONGi to sign contracts with Supplier. Supplier must submit formal written notification and documents to Purchasing Department if required to amend information on quotation. Supplier promises that it has completed registration in LONGi SRM or other online systems (Supplier has an independent account and password that is under the independent control of Supplier). All quotations, clarifications, promises, attachments and other documents related to bidding, contracts and orders submitted by suppliers in LONGi SRM and other online systems shall be legally binding to Supplier (Supplier's submission and modification of documents in LONGi SRM and other online systems shall constitute the legal act of Supplier no matter whether the operator has changed), Supplier shall not deny the legal effects of such documents because of missing seals or other reasons. 3)Deposit Payment (Bidding Deposit, Contract Bonding Deposit): Supplier must only refer to bidding document issued by purchasing department containing the amount of deposit payment required and receiving bank account details. LONGi Group has no liability or responsibility on any consequences resulting from non-conformance to requirements stated in bidding document. 4)Supplier is strictly forbidden to engage in foul play when attending open bidding. Proven misconduct will result in Supplier being blacklisted and permanently prohibited from conducting business with LONGi. 5)Supplier that has been awarded but has not signed mutually agreed contracts or refused to fulfill terms and conditions stated in contracts without proper reason and formal written notice in advance to LONGi will be treated as a disqualified supplier and business transactions will be suspended for 1 year or permanently depending on the severity of the case. 6)Contract & PO: Contracts are only effective with the stamp and authorized signature of both LONGi and Supplier; PO (except SRM system PO )is only effective with stamp or authorized signature of both LONGi and Supplier. Amendment and termination of purchase contract must be supported with Amendment Agreement stamped and signed by supplier and LONGi; cancellation or amendment of PO must be supported with change order form with signature approval from Purchasing Department and formal written notification by Email or SRM system. LONGi is not liable to any informal agreement or amendments. 7)Compensation: Quality Department is responsible for verifying the cause of quality issues and claim amounts. Purchasing Department is responsible for negotiating and executing claims for compensation, supported by Indemnification Agreement stamped and signed by both LONGi and supplier. 8)Other Requirements: LONGi supply chain management has the right to supplement additional rules and requirements when required. Respect for the basic human rights of all internal and external workers 1、To not employ workers under the age of 15 or, in those countries subject to the developing country exception of the ILO Convention 138, to not employ workers under the age of 14, and to ensure the health and safety of young workers, precluding them from hazardous and night work; 2、To not engage in or tolerate any form forced labour and human trafficking; To ensure that no internal or external worker is subject to unethical recruitment practices; 3、To promote equal opportunities for and treatment of its employees irrespective of skin color, race, nationality, social background, disabilities, sexual orientation, political or religious conviction, sex or age; 4、To prohibit sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative behaviors including gestures, language and physical contact; 5、To provide fair remuneration and to guarantee at least the applicable national statutory minimum wage; 6、To recognize, as far as legally possible, the right of free association, organization, and collective bargaining of employees and to neither favor nor discriminate against members of employee organizations or trade unions. 7、To verify the employment eligibility of its employees and employ workers with the legal authorization to work; 8、To ensure compliance with applicable wage, hour and benefits laws; that accurate written records of employees’ regular and overtime hours are maintained; and that employees are paid on time; 9、To ensure a workplace that treats employees with personal dignity, respect employees’ privacy and rights, and is free from discrimination, harassment and abuse of any kind. 10、To prohibit child labor, prison labor, slavery and human trafficking; 11、To ensure that employees’ personal documents and other valuable items, such as passports, work permits and travel documentation are not kept by the supplier as a means to bind employees or restrict their freedom of movement; 12、To ensure that neither the Suppliers nor the sub-suppliers use any forced labor, or purchase products or raw materials produced by forced labor; 13、To be fully committed to ensuring that its use and sale of any goods (whether on a stand-alone basis or contained in its goods) do not contribute to any form of forced labor; to perform a reasonable country or place of origin inquiry throughout its entire supply chain; to participate in an established supply chain communication process not to supply any goods to LONGi that are not forced labor free; to duly provide to LONGi, if requested by LONGi, all relevant data regarding the materials or products in its goods within two weeks upon LONGi’s request; to immediately notify LONGi in writing in case supplier should become aware of any warning signs in its supply chain that indicate that the above representation might be no longer valid, and to promptly conduct further examination to verify, whether goods delivered by supplier contained or still contain forced labor and shall provide LONGi with a reasonable documentation; and to use best efforts to promote among its suppliers compliance with the representations and commitment to combat forced labor. Health and safety of all internal and external workers & environmental protection 1、To take responsibility for the health and safety of all internal and external workers; 2、To control hazards and take the most reasonably possible precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases; 3、To provide training and ensure that all internal and external workers are educated in health and safety issues; to act in accordance with applicable statutory and international standards regarding environmental protection including hazardous substances and wastewater management; 4、To minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection; 5、Use as much as possible renewable energy instead of traditional energy and promote the energy saving in goods production. Actively implement green supply chain concept; 6、Supplier should guarantee it and its sub-suppliers strictly obey local environmental and labor protection laws and regulations. Supply chain To use reasonable efforts to address social and environmental risks in their own supply chain and to make reasonable efforts that their suppliers adhere to requirements comparable to those stipulated herein.