Waste Material
LONGi Group sells various waste materials (covering waste cardboard, waste plastic, waste diamond wire, silver paste cloth, waste quartz and waste graphite etc.) in long terms through tendering, welcome qualified business partners engaging in the biddings. 1、Tendering: follow the tending documents specifically 2、Tendering quantity: site actual quantity based 3、Areas: Shaanxi, Ningxia, Yunnan and production bases in Eastern China 4、Qualification requirements to bidders (1)With qualification of independent enterprise legal person (2)The bidders should provide its business license, business operation permits, bank account opening permits and authorization letters, and reviews will be finished first to these qualifications before the bidding participations. (3)With good bank and commercial credits, not in status of been taken over or frozen financially. (4)Without penalty records in past three years due to violations against quality, environment and administrative requirements. Contact departments: Non-production Procurement Department in Supply Chain Management Center of LONGi Contacts: Fang Fengming 18191033889 Tao Jiakai 18192082372