Announcement:LONGi's BlacklistSupplier In 2023


To foster a robust supply chain ecosystem, uphold supplier integrity, and ensure top-notch product quality and service standards, LONGi, in accordance with provisions in Management Measures of Supplier Exit, Supplier Declaration and Supplier Code of Conduct, has blacklisted 62 suppliers involving in bid collusion, fraudulent practices, and commercial bribery during our collaborations in 2023. Blacklisted suppliers will never be reconsidered for collaboration with any units of LONGi.

Details are as follows:

LONGi Green Energy has always championed the ethos of "Sunshine Cooperation," striving to cultivate a collaborative environment that is fair, just, and transparent. Our goal is to partner with top-tier global collaborators to forge an industry-leading, sustainable green supply chain ecosystem!

It's imperative to underscore that LONGi reserves the right to blacklist suppliers and pursue further accountability and compensation for the following behaviors:

1) Participating in bid collusion, deliberately hiding affiliations, unlawfully bidding on behalf of others, or employing deceptive tactics to secure bids during the bidding and procurement process.

2) Backing out of bids post-winning without valid reasons or failing to adhere to agreed-upon procurement contracts, without prior written notice and failure to rectify the situation after communication.

3) Committing serious breaches of bidding commitments or contract agreements, such as price hikes, quality compromises, project timeline delays, or consistently failing to meet scheduled deliveries, exhibiting dishonesty and fraudulent behavior.

4) Violating prohibited actions outlined in the Supplier Declaration and LONGi Supplier CSR Code of Conduct.

5) Suppliers and affiliated entities resorting to illegal or unethical means to detrimentally affect LONGi and its customers' business operations or tarnish brand reputation, resulting in adverse consequences.

6) Engaging in other violations of pertinent national laws and regulations related to our procurement business during the collaboration, as well as being flagged by national regulatory bodies in the "List of Seriously Dishonest and Untrustworthy Enterprises."

We urge all suppliers to strictly adhere to LONGi's supplier management requirements and collaborate closely with us for mutual advancement!

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Supply Chain Management Center

March 4, 2023