LONGi Supplier Convention 2021: Win-win Collaboration, Coordinated Innovation


LONGi Supplier Convention 2021: Win-win Collaboration, Coordinated Innovation

LONGi Supplier Convention 2021 was held on January 8 in Xi’an. Themed on ‘win-win collaboration and coordinated innovation’, this convention studied and discussed such topics as innovation-driven development, and supply chain ecosystem.

The past year of 2020 has seen ups and downs in solar industry, with the once-in-a-century COVID posing grave challenges to the industrial chain, and imbalanced development across the industrial players causing shortages. Faced with such challenges, LONGi actively collaborated with its suppliers to drive industrial structural changes and cost-effectiveness by way of technological innovation. We also worked to improve supply efficiency through sufficing supply and optimizing logistics and transportation. We applied the digitalization technology to connect us with suppliers, enable broader interactions and deeper collaboration in pursuit of better quality and delivery synergy. By doing so, we were able to work more closely and share more resources with our suppliers, to explore potentials of win-win collaboration and benefit more with the notion.

With support from global suppliers, LONGi has kept its focus on technical innovation and product's leadership. By virtue of our prudent business management, we are appearing as a more and more prominent and powerful player in the solar market and sector.

Attendants and speakers in this convention included LONGi’s Chairman Zhong Baoshen, LONGi’s Vice President Li Wenxue, General Manager of LONGi Supply Chain Center and Strategy Management Center Jiang Dongyu, Secretary General of Solar Special Commission under China Green Supply Chain Alliance Lv Fang.  

Speech from LONGi’s Chairman Zhong Baoshen

An enterprise would not survive or grow without supports from suppliers. The supplier-enterprise relation starts with something like a chess game, and slowly evolves into strategic allies who want win-win. In this process, innovation plays an increasingly important role. 

As the world today becomes more globalised, connected, and Internet-based, the supply chain management steers its emphasis from inter-organization trading cooperation and improve efficiencies to information exchanges and coordinated innovation, and further to creating value of the industrial chain. This requires all players in the supply chain to form aligned goals and actions, and jointly build the value-creating industrial cohort.

LONGi, a company who always seeks innovation and reforms, plays to the score to change. In recent years, our advantages enable us to explore connected factory patterns with suppliers. By refocusing on finding regions that have the most hospitable markets and macro-economic environment, we were able to transfer some resources to new regions where we establish better cooperation framework and sounder economic orders to facilitate the industrial cohort’s continuous evolution and interactions, meeting needs in an ever-changing competition environment.    

Chairman Zhong Baoshan gave a speech

From LONGi vice president Li Wenxue:

‘By building a green supply chain, the solar field will truly ‘produce green energy with green energy, thus making positive contributions to the world's low-carbon economic development and fulfilling of climate targets.’ 

Vice president Li Wenxue shared his thoughts

From Jiang Dongyu, general manager of LONGi supply chain center and strategy management center:

‘LONGi has formed an industrial cohort that centered on production bases in Yunnan, Yinchuan, and Yangtze River Delta. We have effectively reduced logistics costs, shortened transporting cycles, and greatly improved supply efficiency.’ said

 ‘Looking forward, LONGi will apply digital systems throughout the supply chain and establish access among upstream and downstream players. Using the systems to share information and tasks, we will build a leading supply chain ecosystem for the solar sector.

Jiang Dongyu shared his thoughts

From Lv Fang, secretary general of the Solar Special Commission under China Green Supply Chain Alliance:

 ‘The ‘solar for solar’ concept initiated by LONGi has become world-famous. Inspired by the notion, the Commission proposed the ‘green by green’ slogan. Together with LONGi, we will call for more solar enterprises to make China’s low-carbon solar development a voice that heard by the world, following our advantages in scale, efficiency, and costs.’

 ‘Today, LONGi made a rousing proposal to its suppliers, and received numerous responses and enthusiastic commitments. This is a remarkable first step. In future, the idea of green manufacturing and green application will drive the use of solar power to a larger scale, making solar a ‘carbon-absorber’ and helping to achieve the great goals for energy reform, energy conservation and emission reduction, and sustainable development by 2030 and 2060.’  

Secretary general Lv Fang presented her report

The supplier convention has seen LONGi joined hands with over 150 suppliers to issue the LONGi Carbon Credit Initiative for a Green Supply Chain.

Other speakers also shared thoughts on honesty in procurement, green sustainability, BIPV products, including general manager of LONGi Audit & Risk Control Center Chen Longhui, general manager of LONGi brand team Wang Yingge, and general manager of LONGi New Energy Chen Pengfei. Many attended the meeting via video link and gave their brilliant speeches regarding the industrial development, green supply chain, and global energy transition, including secretary general of China Photovoltaic Industry Association Wang Bohua, vice president and secretary general of China Green Supply Chain Alliance Zheng Hong, chief scientist of UNEP and director of the Science Division Liu Jian.   

We also presented awards to suppliers who have given lasting supports and provided excellent products and services. Among them, 23 suppliers have won the coordinated innovation, outstanding quality, and best cooperation prizes, and 22 suppliers have won the title of strategic cooperation partner.

Strategic Cooperation Partner

Coordinated Innovation Prize

Outstanding Quality Prize

Best Cooperation Prize