Proposal on Innovation of New Materials, Technologies, Processes


Proposal on Innovation of New Materials, Technologies, Processes

——An open letter to LONGi cooperation partners

Dear LONGi suppliers,


We would like to first extend our heartfelt thanks to your longtime attention and confidence in LONGi’s development, and your active and strong supports in guaranteeing our supply chain of materials and services. This has laid sound foundation for us to develop a long and stable partnership.

As the ‘Fourteenth Five-Year Plan’ opens a critical window for China to reach carbon peak, the country’s solar sector will embrace the best age of development. When solar markets are going through accelerating competition, specialization of work, technical innovation, and coordinated development will become preconditions for solar industry to maintain benign competition and healthy growth. In response to the state policies, LONGi, as a member of the industry, hereby delivers a Proposal to all its cooperation suppliers, calling upon everyone to devote proactive efforts to carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

LONGi continues to invest more into research and development, putting a total of 1.614 billion Yuan in just the first half of 2021. By mid-2021, our professional R&D team has totaled over 1100 employees, and won 1196 patents of various types. We’ve done extensive researches and technical reserves in pursue of new cell technologies such as TOP Con and HJT. We’ve also devoted substantial resources on innovation of new materials, technologies, processes so as to upgrade package solutions to solar power plants and solar products such as wafers, modules, BIPV.       

We hope to join hands with insightful and inspiring suppliers across all sectors to brainstorm over the application of new materials, R&D of products and technologies, upgrade of processes and equipment, and innovation of cooperation patterns. By doing so, we will foster an eco-chain of solar innovation, promote quality development for the industry, and contribute our share to China's or even the world's carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. The Supply Chain Management Center will establish all-round service channels and communication mechanism for LONGi R&D team and LONGi suppliers to regularly exchange ideas on new technologies, materials, processes, or technical routes, ensuring that information is shared and actions are taken. In addition, we will present our innovation-related demand to suppliers on regular basis.   

In an effort to protect works of innovation practitioners, we would like our cooperation to be based on equal communication and win-win development, which include but not limited to:  

1) Complying with laws and regulations, and professional integrity during our cooperation;

2) Signing non-disclosure agreements for protection of technologies;

3) Guaranteeing cooperation partners’ shares, or even a period of exclusive cooperation;

4) Sharing costs and achievements.

Our proposal today is not empty talks, but standards for us to practice and responsibilities for us to share. We believe that as long as we join efforts to explore potentials of solar industry, collaborate innovations in the fields, build a green industrial eco-chain, we will reach a new level of cooperation, and make solar industry a true promising undertaking and common cause for humankind.

This proposal is valid through a long term. Any suggestions could be given through emails. Below are the information of heads of all categories.

Head of silicon materials: Ma Chihui   Email:  Contact: 

Head of module materials: Wang Guanyu Email: Contact:

Head of equipment: Qin Sanwa   Email: Contact:

Head of non-production materials: Wu Hongxuan Email: Contact:

Head of cells and wafers: Geng Yufeng Email: Contact:

General Manager of Supply Chain Management Center Email: Contact:

LONGi Supply Chain Management Center

October 27, 2021