LONGi Joined the Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance


LONGi Joined the Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance

LONGi recently joined the Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance (TIEA) and became a member of the alliance. It means that LONGi will join hands with many peers to build an anti-corruption ecosystem and a clean, honest, and trust-based commercial environment by containing internal corruptions, and holding fast to anti-corruption red lines. 

The Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance is a non-profit national organization started and formed voluntarily by 13 leading enterprises, including Baidu, JD, Tecent, VIPS, Meituan, P&G, Joy Wing Mau, Lenovo, Media, Lining, Walmart China, Xiaomi, and Yonghui. The alliance has become a shared organization for more than 300 member companies (50% are listed) who locate in 29 provinces and municipalities in China with millions of employees. Members in the alliance may share information and materials as they wish to enable sharing of anti-corruption information among them all. They may also offer helps to one another within scopes of laws and regulations.

With honest operation as its mission, TIEA opens membership to all sectors so as to advocate the operation philosophy of integrity, self-discipline, and law-abiding, and to foster a commercial environment where business owners are trustworthy and consumers feel reassured. Together, TIEA members will construct a technological great wall to guard against corruption, fraud, and counterfeit, and strengthen their internal control capabilities and professional ethnics among employees, driving China's commercial civilization.

Joining the TIEA is an important step forward in LONGi’s anti-fraudulence efforts after it joined the China Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance in 2017. LONGi, now a TIEA member, will resolutely fulfill its obligations and enjoy its rights. On the one hand, we will harvest fruits from cooperation with the alliance and look into new strategic trends through the alliance. On the other hand, we will play a leading role and demonstrate good anti-malpractice initiatives, policies, and systems to peers in the solar industry by way of innovation and cooperation with other TIEA members. We and our peers will jointly create honesty atmosphere for the solar sector, and facilitate healthy, sustainable development for the industry.