LONGi Koh Jik 0.072MW Household Distributed Power Generation Project in Thailand

Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Household DG
    Project Location
    Koh Jik Island, Trat, Thailand
  • Project Capacity
    Product Type
    Hi-MO 5
Technical Highlights
The business model of the Project is very mature. An islander and owner committee is established to fulfill the obligations of pricing, electricity distribution, electricity fee payment, carbon certificate trading, surplus electricity distribution, etc. Moreover, the mature business model has involved investors like Symbior in it. This kind of project and mature operation mode will bring far-reaching reference significance to similar no-electricity regions in terms of power system development, financing and revenue guarantee mode.

Project Highlights

Through four years of joint efforts of all parties, all project development, financing, installation & commissioning and operation of the "Koh Jik Recharge" project have been completed to establish a sustainable electricity consumption mode: On the island, the electricity during the day is supplied by the PV system, and the additional energy output is stored by lithium cells; at night, the stored energy supplies the islanders with electricity, thus meeting the electricity supply and demand on the island during day and night; in addition, all islanders have installed smart electricity meters to obtain electricity through prepayment; The Electric Power Commission helps the islanders prepay the electricity fee every Wednesday.