Ruicheng 150MW PV Power Station Project

Cases image
Cases image

Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Mountain PV Power Station
    Total Power Generation
    6,504,550 MWh
  • Annual Average Power Generation
    Floor area
    5,662 Mu
  • Product Type
    Double sided half piece assembly + fixed support
Technical Highlights
1. Using half piece components, ultra-high efficiency, innovative technology and beautiful appearance. 2. The depth of the support is matched with the component, and the optimal power generation inclination is adopted. At the same time, the shielding of the support to the back of the component is reduced to increase the back power generation gain. 3. The distributed inverter is adopted to match the terrain conditions and the performance depth of double-sided components, so as to reduce the primary investment cost under the condition of meeting the power generation efficiency。

Project Highlights

1. The project is the first batch of photovoltaic bidding projects approved by the National Energy Administration in July 2019. The construction was started in September of that year, and the full capacity was connected to the grid on December 31, with a short construction period. 2. The project is a complementary project of agriculture and light, so the lowest point of the component is 1.8m above the ground, creating favorable conditions for later agricultural machinery planting. 3. Driven by the local government, a sightseeing platform has been built to drive the development of photovoltaic tourism around.