LONGi Hydrogen and Sinopec's GLOBAL First 10,000-ton Green Hydrogen Project

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Project overview

  • Project location
    Western China
    Total project capacity
    16 sets of 1,000Nm3/h alkaline water electrolyzers and gas-liquid separation and hydrogen purification units

Project highlights

Sinopec's global first 10,000-ton green hydrogen project has a capacity of hydrogen production of 20,000t/a through water electrolysis, a hydrogen storage capacity of 210,000Nm3, and a hydrogen transmission capacity of 28,000Nm3/h. All the 20,000 tons of green hydrogen produced each year are supplied to SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. nearby to replace the hydrogen from natural gas used in refining and processing, promoting zero breakthroughs in the large-scale industrial application of green hydrogen in China. 

After an open competition, LONGi Hydrogen successfully won the bid in May 2022 and provided 16 sets of 1,000Nm3/h alkaline water electrolyzers, gas-liquid separators, and hydrogen purification units for this project. For the first time, it achieved the "four-to-one" system application of 4 electrolyzers to 1 gas-liquid separation unit. Adhering to the original intention of the "customer-centric" concept, LONGi Hydrogen completed the production and assembly of the equipment in just 85 days and took the lead in delivery. 

All hydrogen production equipment was installed in April 2023, qualified hydrogen was produced in June, and full-load operation was achieved in late July, giving a satisfactory answer to Sinopec.