LONGi Japan Chiba Prefecture Central Factory Carport 0.3MW Project

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Industrial and commercial DG
    Project Location
    Chiba Central Factory, Genseida Trade Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Project Capacity
    Product Type
    Hi-MO 4
  • Grid-connection Time
    January 2022
Technical Highlights
LR4-72HBD-440M modules of LONGi are used in the Project. LONGi introduces the standard quality control for the full life cycle. The integrated capacity layout can guarantee the traceability of manufacturing links of modules, and the module quality is guaranteed by the highly automated production lines coordinated with the manufacturing supervision by the base quality, headquarters quality and marketing terminals. The high standards of LONGi are maintained in the selection of module materials, and new materials must pass the more strict reliability test before being introduced. Therefore, the modules of LONGi show excellent quality in the evaluation by the third-party institutions RETC and PVEL.

Project Highlights

LONGi Japan supplies Genseida Trade Co., Ltd. with modules through BSL Corporation of Japan. The Project is a simple carport project of the Chiba Central Factory of Genseida Trade Co., Ltd. There are relevant reports about how to match the solar modules introduced to the factory rooftop with the existing equipment of the factory to better accord with the SDGs promotion objective of the Government of Japan.