LONGi Japan Nakagawa Shopping Center Ciao Commercial Project

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Project Location
    Japan| Nagano Prefecture
  • Project Capacity
    122 kW
    Product Type
    Hi-MO X6 Explorer
  • Application Scenarios
Technical Highlights
HPBC-based Hi-MO X6, exhibits extraordinary power generation efficiency and aesthetics. Its robust load capacity allows clients to enjoy reliable and quality product even in Japan's frequented extreme weather conditions. What’s more, Hi-MO X6 could act as an emergency energy supply during disasters, offering much-needed help to people in need.

Project Highlights

As reported by “THE21” magazine, soaring energy prices, specifically electricity costs, have become a key concern for Japan in 2024. As a significant consumer of energy, Nakagawa Shopping Center Ciao has installed Hi-MO X6 modules with a capacity of 122KW on the rooftop, expecting an annual electricity output of 15,9981kWh and reducing CO₂ emissions by approximately 1807 tons. Not only does it achieve electricity freedom, but it also contributes to environmental protection - a perfect pairing with the beautiful nature in the village.

The integration of Hi-MO X6 in the beautiful Nakagawa Village demonstrates a perfect blend of green energy and the natural environment, aligning seamlessly with LONGi’s mission “To make the best of solar energy to build a green world.”