LONGi Sweden Sesol AB Residential Project

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Project Location
    Sweden | Jönköping
  • Project Capacity
    10.75 kW
    Product Type
    Hi-MO X6 Ultra Black
  • Application Scenarios
  • EPC
    Sesol AB
Technical Highlights
LONGi's Ultra Black module is an excellent combination of design aesthetics and PV technology, which corresponds to the selection preference of household PV products in the Scandinavian region: For Scandinavian residential use, houseowners prefer black modules and have requirements for the appearance and color difference of the modules. In Nordics region where the winter is longer, LONGi's BC modules have better performance in low-light conditions. In addition, in winter with heavy snowfall, the high mechnical load of LONGi's Ultra Black modules also empowers rooftop power plants higher reliability.

Project Highlights

Sesol strives to be a leader in solar energy and a force for the transition towards more renewable energy, to make it easy, safe and sustainable to buy and own a solar cell system. Its vision is a future where nature's resources are used and used responsibly for future generations. By harnessing the sun's energy, it wants to be part of creating a good present and an even better future.

The project empowers the homeowner to take control of their energy costs in the short run and effectively alleviates the pressure on local households' electricity consumption and provides clean and sustainable energy support for the local economy in the long run.