LONGi Xiangshan Coastal Tidal Flat PV Power Station Project

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Project Overview

  • Project Type
    Fishery-PV complementary PV power station
    Project Location
    Xiangshan County, Ningbo Municipality, Zhejiang Province
  • Project Capacity
    Project Area
  • Annual Average Energy Output
    340 million kWh
    Product Type
    Hi-MO 5
  • Grid-connection Time
    January 2021
Technical Highlights
"1. The process of laying solar PV panels on racks is adopted for the tidal flat PV power generation superstructure, and the substructure consists of permeable structures without changing the natural attribute of the sea area, thus effectively reducing the damage to the marine ecological environment; 2. More than 100,000 PHC engineering piles were used in the Project. The cement columns of the pile bodies are very good for the attachment and reproduction of oysters. The breeding species in tidal flats also include razor clams, mudskippers, mud snails, crabs, mullets and ditrema; "

Project Highlights

1. This multi-functional eco-friendly fishery-PV complementary PV power station is a landmark project that responds to the national renewable energy development plan, meets the regional green electricity demand, reduces air pollution, etc.

2. The electricity generation mode of "power generation on the upper floor and fish-farming on the lower" combines comprehensive land use with the new energy industry to inject a steady flow of impetus into the building of a new pattern of local green development;

3. Upon completion, the project will be closely integrated with the rural tourism development plan of the local islands to build an important base of industrial tourism and popular science tourism.