The Hi-MO 6 Series – Stunning design and high efficiency exclusively dedicated to the DG market


The Hi-MO 6 product family is a new generation module that is based on the high-efficiency HPBC cell technology and designed for the distributed market.

HPBC stands for Hybrid Passivated Back Contact cell. It is disruptive cell technology after the PERC era and is unique in its front-side busbar-free design. Through the adjustment of the internal structure process of the cell, the light absorption and photoelectric conversion capacity of the cell is greatly enhanced, effectively increasing the power output of the module, and improving the power generation gain.

The Hi-MO 6 comes in a series of four: Explorer, Scientist, Artist and Guardian whereas the first two are already available on the market. The “Explorer” is the base version with an HPBC cell efficiency in excess of 25%. The Hi-MO 6 pro version “Scientist” has a cell efficiency of 25.3% and a module efficiency of 23.2%.

LONGi's Hi-MO 6 series
LONGi's Hi-MO 6 series

Further Key Features Underlining the Uniqueness

Because of the unique HPBC cell, the Hi-MO 6 series comes with a busbar-free front and therewith a lean and simplified appearance. This redefines the aesthetic concept of PV modules embodying the minimalist design of modern industrial tech architecture. It will match naturally and harmoniously with all kinds of application scenarios.

Performance-wise, the HPBC cell has a significantly higher light absorption capacity due to the absent shading of the frontal busbar. This increases the module output efficiency and leads to a significant gain in power generation in low irradiation, high temperature, and oblique light environments. The typical regional power generation simulations around the world show an average gain of 10% over conventional PERC.

In terms of reliability, the HPBC cell of Hi-MO 6 product adopts a full back welding technology. It has changed the traditional cell "Z" welding band connection mode. The back is welded in a "one line" shape, to effectively improve the resistance to micro cracking. With the LONGi product life cycle management, it can furthermore maximize the product reliability. Strict material selection, manufacturing and testing (hail, hurricane, high temperature, dynamic load, etc.) during the production process ensure the reliable product quality. The recognition by third-party authorities like PVEL and RETC is also a strong proof of the reliability of LONGi products.

Hi-MO 6 products can be matched to C&I and residential markets to meet the differentiated needs of your customers. All products are available in 182mm size in 72 cells, 66 cells, and 54 cells versions. 

The Hi-MO 6 at the Intersolar 2023

We are presenting 2 series of the Hi-MO 6 product family for the Intersolar exhibition, Explorer, and Scientist. The Explorer focuses on performance improvement. We have a 54 cells version of the 430W full-black style product (module efficiency 22.0%) on display. The whole module has a pure black color and a full-screen mirror finish, it is harmoniously matched to a variety of scenes, perfect for residential projects.

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