LONGi showcases reliability and system matching capability of Hi-MO 5 module at 17th CSPV conference

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Dr. Max Li, Senior Product Manager at LONGi’s Global Sales & Marketing Centre, addressed attendees at a keynote session during the 17th China SoG Silicon and PV Power Conference in Suzhou. His presentation focused on “PV Module Technology Evolution Trends” and incorporated a comprehensive analysis of the design and application of LONGi’s 182mm Hi-MO 5 module in terms of conversion efficiency, product reliability, optimal size and power generation performance.

New production capacity is now fully compatible with the 182mm size, with an associated reduction in the cost of manufacturing. The reliability of the module has been validated by a number of independent laboratories and at numerous pilot projects, with a growing number of inverter manufacturers also confirming the compatibility of their products. In terms of product packaging and transportation, 182mm modules adopt mainstream, proven methods. The packaging method adopted has high on-site stacking stability, combined with simple loading, unloading and unpacking operation, which both maximizes use of container space and goes some way to alleviating the current shortage of transportation resources.

Dr. Li went on to say that the 182mm size module is a standard that LONGi has introduced to the industry after in-depth analysis of the whole industry chain, incorporating manufacturing, transportation, installation, power generation performance and system matching, also taking into account the boundary conditions of module design and application.

With regard to the manufacturing aspect, the 182 size module has already demonstrated maturity in the industry chain. Silicon rods and wafers have maintained the same manufacturing yield as that for 166mm size modules, and the conversion efficiency and yield of the cells has also quickly reached the same level as for 166mm. 

In system terms, the 182 module displays various advantages, its ultra-high power and efficiency reducing both BOS costs and LCOE.

The module’s 13A current can be perfectly matched with both central and string inverters, with no concerns regarding power loss caused by current limiting. The increase in length and width of the module makes it suitable not only for large-scale, flat-land projects, but also undulating mountainous terrain. 

Review of the history of 182mm silicon wafers and modules

  • June 24, 2020 - LONGi and six other PV companies jointly propose the M10 (182mm) silicon wafer standard
  • June 29, 2020 - LONGi releases its Hi-MO 5 module, based on 182mm wafers
  • August 8, 2020 - Several companies unveil 182 size modules at SNEC event
  • September 8, 2020 - LONGi's first 182 size modules (Hi-MO 5) run off the production line
  • November 12, 2020 - LONGi, Jinko Solar and JA Solar co-host 182 size module and system technology forum
  • September 8, 2021 - JA Solar, Jinko Solar and LONGi jointly release the 182 series module product standard