LONGi releases its latest products and celebrates 1GW shipment in Thailand

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Thailand | June 30, 2023 -LONGi held a ceremony to celebrate the shipment of more than 1GW of modules to Thailand as well as the grand launch of the new module Hi-MO 7 for LCOE product solutions.

This new module launch for the Thai market was seen by about 100 customers and guests. This product will offer clients worldwide the peak value experience of high efficiency and constant gain for the full life cycle of power plants because it was produced by LONGi as a super high-value module product for large ground power plants.

The Hi-MO 7 module launched this time is a new generation of products developed by LONGi based on high-efficiency HPDC cell technology, which is another innovative practice of the "first principle thinking".

The acronym HPDC stands for High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell, another improved iteration of the HPC cell technology. Additionally, both the front and back sides incorporate upgraded antireflection and low-recombination films, as well as metallization solutions, for superior performance. In general, the upgraded HPDC cell has better conversion efficiency, power temperature coefficient, and higher reliability, which can significantly improve power generation gains.

LONGi's industry-leading product life cycle standards also guarantee the reliability of Hi-MO 7. Hi-MO 7 effectively ensures its reliability throughout its life cycle with optimized designs such as high-quality monocrystalline silicon wafers, customized cell paste, optimized module encapsulation film system, SMBB high-precision interconnection, and high-reliability automatic welding of junction boxes. The application of digitalized manufacturing and quality control platforms, especially intelligent AI detection technology, further guarantees the product quality of Hi-MO 7. Therefore, Hi-MO 7 provides a linear power warranty of not more than 0.38%, bringing customers robust value and efficient returns beyond expectations.

With the official release of Hi-MO 7 module, LONGi has formed an excellent product portfolio of "Hi-MO 5+Hi-MO 7" in the market of utility power stations. Hi-MO 5 series, with its mature and reliable power generation performance that consistently exceeds customer expectations, will remain the main product in the utility market for some time to come, while Hi-MO 7 series is preferred for scenarios that require modules with high ground surface reflectivity, elevated ambient temperatures.

Another high point of the event was the celebration ceremony to mark the milestone for shipments of 1GW modules in the Thailand market. In 2017, LONGi entered the Thai market with the Chulalongkorn University project through its green energy products and services. With the strong support from the local government, LONGi has created a brand new green energy market in Thailand with great momentum, gaining the trust of customers and recognition of its products time and again, and so far, gaining excellent results in LONGi's overseas market map.

"Over the past six years, LONGi's cooperation with the Thai market has also become increasingly close, and we are honored that LONGi has become one of the most reliable partners of mainstream PV developers in the Thai market," said Mr. Chin Lee, Head of South Asia-Peninsula Region. LONGi will keep prioritizing the needs of the customer and using high-quality products and services to propel Thailand progressively towards a low-carbon, sustainable society in the future.

With more beneficial products and solutions for all scenarios, LONGi will speed up the new energy transformation in Thailand and forge a prosperous future with clients and partners.

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