Official Launching of LONGi Customer Relationship Management Project

Local News

June 23, 2016, the initiation meeting of group CRM project was held in the video conference room of headquarters, attended by 22 managements including the Chairman Zhong Baoshen, Senior Manager Song Yulong from Information Management, GM Kang Bowei of Lerri Energy, CSO Guo Hongyan of Lerri Solar, and Liu Hua from Coracle Network Technology.

The meeting was chaired by the Senior Manager Song Yulong, of Information Management. First of all, CSO Guo Hongyan of Lerri Solar, as CRM project manager, described the project background and objectives in details. Guo pointed out that compared with competitors, we found that the group required greater improvement in the key aspects of management and control and information collection, retrieval, analysis timeliness and scientificalness. In this context, it is necessary to take CRM as a breakthrough point to realize the 3D application integration of enterprise market management, sales management, and service management, and ultimately achieve the standardization of business processes and business master data, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Subsequently, Li Jun, project manager from Coracle Network Technology, explained the project management and implementation methods, project risk control methods, systems, etc. Lerri Energy Market Management Manager Zhang Hui as a key user representative made a speech on analysis of the positioning of Lerri Energy on CRM. Lerri Energy GM Kang Bowei expressed his wish that the system can be designed to meet the requirements of business department, and in line with reality.

Finally, Chairman Zhong as the project team leader made a summary statement. He stressed the importance of CRM project to the company's marketing business management, and put forward specific requirements for the CRM project team. He said that in the era of information technology, information collection and processing methods in the process of enterprise management were changing, enterprises should make changes to adapt to this environment. CRM system can not only make people pay attention to their tasks from more aspects with more meticulousness, but also make a better analysis and summary of historical records and then improve the efficiency, provision of more clear guidance for staff. The value of enterprise existence is to provide customers with valuable products and services, and CRM is the core competitiveness. Therefore, members of the project team, especially the leadership in decision-making layer, and each division in charge of business, shall invest more time and effort to design the CRM business architecture in a more reasonable way, to reflect the company's management level and decision-making level. At the same time, the system should be pragmatic and forward-looking in business analysis, on the one hand, effect shall be presented on the line, and on the other hand, the system shall have certain adaptability to the future market and customer demand changes.

The successful convening of CRM project marked an important step to information, standardized management toward market, sales and customer service.