LONGi Group Commits 10 million RMB Donation in Support of Coronavirus Control

Local News

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd or LONGi Group, a leading global solar technology company headquartered in Chinese city of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, announces that the company has donated a total of 10 million RMB (or 1.4 million USD) to help control the coronavirus outbreak in China. The donation is earmarked to provide financial subsidies to the medical staff from the top-ranked hospitals of Shaanxi Province, who rushed to China's central province of Hubei, the epidemic center, providing the much-needed medical support for the patients there. These first responders, departing during the Chinese New Year Holiday, were from the critical medicine department, respiratory department and infection department of some major hospitals in Shaanxi. The 10-million-RMB donation pledge was announced by LONGi on January 25. LONGi's donation will provide each member of the Shaanxi Provincial medical team 1000-yuan-per-day financial support (or 143 US dollars per day), in honor of the spirit of dedication of the doctors and nurses who rushed to Wuhan City, capital of Hubei Province. "As a company headquarters in Xi'an City and develops fast globally with our deep roots in Shaanxi Province, we are very moved and impressed by the Shaanxi medical staff who provide the much-needed medical support to our fellow countrymen in Hubei Province", says Mr. Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi Group. "On behalf of LONGi's employees, we wish to voice our greatest gratitude to the medical staff and pay our tribute to these heroes. We wish them to come home safe," adds Chairman Zhong. In an open letter that addresses all LONGi employees to mark the company's 20th anniversary on February 14, Chairman Zhong Baoshen said the company had taken all efforts to ensure the well-being of all its staff and maintain the orderly manner of daily operation and production. "Thankfully, not one person out of LONGi's over 30,000 employees was infected... all staff of the group headquarter, business units and the factories have gradually returned to work. Production and operation will be right back on track soon." Since the very beginning of the outbreak, LONGi Group formed a taskforce with the company's top executives including Chairman Zhong Baoshen and President Li Zhenguo, to lead the work for epidemic prevention. A working guideline, issued by the group headquarter on January 23, asked all business units and subsidiaries to form workgroups to ensure timely information exchange and work closely with the local authorities. As governments, communities and companies in China continue to fight against the coronavirus outbreak, LONGi Group has stepped up efforts to make sure that all office space and manufacturing bases to be sterilized twice a day, and all staff members will take body temperature before returning to work. Meanwhile, some of LONGi's production bases have started production, while other manufacturing facilities will resume work by the local government regulations. The company says that as the production capacity for monocrystalline cells and modules enjoy a certain level of "flexibility", production will accelerate when the virus outbreak is over. According to a statement, there will be a limited impact on the company's operation and productions from the coronavirus outbreak. The 10-million-RMB donation was donated through the LONGi One Percent Foundation of the Red Cross Society of China (CSRC), a charity foundation initiated in 2010 by LONGi Group. LONGi advocates donating no less than 1% of its annual revenue and 1% of the work time of its staff for social benefits. The LONGi One Percent Foundation of CSRC also donated to help the reconstruction after the Magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit Yushu in Qinghai Province in 2010. The foundation also provided medical care to children with congenital heart disease in China's Tibet and provides scholarship to over 600 students across China. The work by the charity foundation is part of LONGi's overall CSR efforts to contribute to society. The Shanghai-listed solar technology company is also a strong advocate on the Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the United Nations, especially on educational support, climate change actions, community sustainable development, and economical clean energy.