Earth Hour of the LONGi way : LONGi Carbon Emission Reduction Action 4

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The speed of climate change exceeds our imagination. In the past 14 years, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has continued to advocate all walks of life should with Earth Hour to stimulate people's sense of responsibility for protecting the earth and thinking about environmental issues such as climate change.

On the special day of Earth Hour, LONGi hopes to use a string of numbers speak up for earth. In addition to turning off the lights, we took every effort to save power in the LONGi way.In 2020, LONGi totally saved electricity up to 120 M kWh in 2020.Approximately equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 200,000 residents in China, equivalent to saving 48,000,000 kg of standard coal and also equivalent to reducing 115,000 CO2 emissions

The path to the destination of green vision, comes from very steady green footprint.

LONGi Carbon Emission Reduction Action 4 Watch full video on YouTubeURL: