LONGi Awarded with Humanitarian Badge by Red Cross Society of China

Local News

May 8, 2021 marks the 74th World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, LONGi had been awarded with the “Humanitarian Badge of Red Cross in China” by Red Cross Society of China for its positive supports to the humanity undertakings. This humanitarian badage is the prize set for entities and individuals who may contribute greatly to the humanitarian undertakings by Red Cross Society of China, and its is the highest price available in China for humanitarian and public goods. LONGi and Red Cross Society of China had shared a long term relationship. Dated back to 2010, LONGi and the warmhearted people had established LONGi 1% Foundation jointly. This fund adheres to the public charity concept of “One Percent Devotion, Hundred Percent of Change”, advocating everyone spares one percent of their income, time or efforts to support the public charities. From the establishment day of this fund, there were donations made for reconstruction of Yu Shu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qing Hai Province after the strong earthquake, for rescues to the children with congenital heart diseases, for student learning supports in areas stricken by poverty and the epidemic controls. Meanwhile, the scholarship and student grants were set up in Lanzhou University. Over thousand students had been supported in the past decade. In 2020, this fund had donated to support medical workers from Shaanxi Province assigned to Hubei Province for fighting against COVID-19 Virus. In addition, LONGi 1% Foundation had been set off again to support students with economic difficulties in Lanzhou University for their oversea and visionary explorations. Up to the end of 2020, LONGi 1% Foundation had donated 15.0675 Yuan in accumulations, and it has evolved into the most important welfare platform of the company. This fund had played the positive role in popularizing the spirit of humanity, fraternity and devotion uphold by the Red Cross Society, and the humanitarian efforts by LONGi. 

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