LONGi’s new 5GW facility in China’s Jiangsu Province runs at full capacity, accelerating the mass production of 166mm modules

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The production line has been enhanced to be more efficient and intelligent, with the entire facility expected to become a fully automated production base incorporating information management and MES, ERP and WMS systems.

"The production line at our new 5GW module facility in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province is currently at the highest level in the PV industry, and the per capita output of the facility will also be at the forefront of the industry in the future. According to our estimates, its efficiency will ultimately increase by about 35%, which both ensures product quality and accelerates the production capacity of our M6 (166mm) wafer modules," said He Jiangtao, General Manager of LONGi Solar Technology in Jiangsu. "In the future, the base will also improve the flexibility of production, increase resilience on the basis of high-efficiency output, and continue to meet global market demands."

LONGi launched its Hi-MO 4 module in 2019 and has continuously enhanced it. At present, the power of the mass produced Hi-MO 4 is up to 450W, with a conversion efficiency of 20.7%. With the optimized module size and leading bifacial technology, the Hi-MO 4 has both lower BOS costs and lower LCOE, and has become the preferred choice for investors in global power stations.

The cumulative letter of intent orders for Hi-MO 4 modules have already exceeded 10GW and are still growing. So far, more than 2GW have been delivered to global customers and the module’s outstanding performance has been seen in many solar projects worldwide.

Referencing the construction of LONGi’s new 5GW facility in Jiangsu Province, He Jiangtao added: "From the very beginning of the construction, all the relevant parties, teams and employees shared a common goal, which was to accelerate the launch of the new facility and products and create a "100-day speed" LONGi feat.

The successful construction of the facility provides a positive reference point for the future addition of production capacity, allowing the company to continue to meet global customer demand. According to the company’s production capacity plan, the 166mm modules will exceed 20GW in 2020, guaranteeing global supply of the product.