Mono Is Back. You should never miss the fantastic photos of LONGi solar at Japanese expo!

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The three-day PV Expo Osaka 2016 kicked off on September 7.

LONGi solar made its overseas debut with new high-power products, and displayed the conventional module, high-power low-attenuation module Hi-MO1, half-cell module, stacking module, double-glass module, smart module, etc.

Let’s follow the reporter to appreciate the performance of LONGi solar at the expo.

Floating monocrystalline photovoltaic system, rooftop photovoltaic system, parking shed photovoltaic system and ground photovoltaic power plant, addressing the land limitation of the Japanese market, we advocate that the Japanese market can apply monocrystalline products to improve the land utilization of PV system, and exploit the cost advantages of LONGi solar’s monocrystalline products so that LONGi solar’s monocrystalline products can effectively achieve their end value in the Japanese market. 

LI Zhenguo, president of Xi’an LONGi, the parent company of LONGi solar, told the reporter of PV Eye, an authoritative PV media of Japan, that monocrystalline products are well recognized in the Japanese market, but have been considered much more expensive than polycrystalline products. LONGi solar has controlled the costs of silicon wafers in the upstream at a low level, extending to the monocrystalline modules of LONGi solar. We hope to speed up the pace of grid parity in Japan. We believe that in the next 4-5 years, the terminal LCOE will drop up to 40% in Japan. The monocrystalline products definitely will be the future trend of the PV industry, and we believe that with the active deployment of LONGi solar in the Japanese market, the monocrystalline products will gain its due market share in Japan.