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Q1: Based on your experiences working in Southeast Asia, and in your respective countries, what are the main barriers, and more importantly what are the big opportunities to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in the region?

Southeast Asia is a region with many countries and different policies. USAID has reported that Southeast Asia is most at risk of climate change because most of its cities are in the coastal areas. So the countries all have one common goal to clean energy. Just different paths to reach the same goal. 

To do so requires Government commitment with consistent long term policy, transparent, open markets and currency risk mitigation. 

From LONGi’s perspective as a global PV manufacturer, we have differentiated strategies for each regions and countries that best support the regulatory, product and customer requirements. LONGi currently has 2.1GW cell and 900MW capacity in in Kuching, Malaysia. We selected the area for its abundant sunlight and hydropower resources. This meets the company’s policy of “solar for solar” - using green energy to produce green energy products. 

Q2: In the context of the barriers and opportunities, how can your organizations contribute to accelerated power deployment in Southeast Asia?

The best value a PV Manufacturer can bring is product quality, lower LCOE and the bankability. This will accelerate the transformation to sustainability, not just in SEA but the world. 

The climate and varied geography in Southeast Asia demands high quality panels. High heat causes accelerated degradation. Typhoons and earthquakes require modules with high dynamic load resistance. Banks and investors will only work with strong financially stable companies. 

Q3: What is the view of co-operation on RE between and among countries, and how do you think the co-operation can be facilitated and strengthened?

Cooperation in renewable energy amongst countries is already well defined, as we see here in COP25. All ASEAN members have ratified the Paris Agreement. We don’t need to preach to the converted. 

LONG believes the “Time for Action” message can be strengthened by bringing to a wider audience - to work with customers of our customers. To that effect, we will join the RE100 group of leading companies committed to 100% renewable energy. We will work with high profile like-minded associations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the United Nations to promote the message of sustainability.

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