LONGi joined EV100 and EP100 Initiative to continue to Inject "Green Power" into Climate Action

Global News

On November 7, the grand occasion of the 3rd China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CIIE") was still in full swing. At the UK Pavilion, LONGi's founder and president Li Zhenguo announced " Net Zero carbon Photovoltaic, created by LONGi " keynote speech, and announced that LONGi officially joined the "EV100" and "EP100" initiatives by the Climate Group. This is another feat in continuing to promote climate action after LONGi joined the RE100 initiative.

"We joined EV100 and are committed to laying appropriate chargers in all of our premises over the next decade to guide more than 50,000 employees around the world in converting their cars to EVs." Mr.Li Zhenguo said, "At the same time, we are anchoring the EP100's development goals and are committed to installing Energy Management Systems in all of LONGi's production and operation sites, the goal is to commit to a ten-year effort to achieve a 35% increase in energy productivity by 2025." Li Zhenguo also said "LONGi will continue to focus on global climate change and energy transformation, continuously reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve economic benefits and environmental protection goals.

Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group, expressed her congratulations to LONGi via video: "We are delighted to see LONGi become the first Chinese business to join all three of our business campaigns – on clean energy, clean transport and energy efficiency. They are showcasing the next steps for ambitious businesses in China."

Reducing emissions over the next decades will be crucial to achieving not just their own Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) but also the global target of 2C set under the Paris Agreement of 2015.

LONGi will uphold the vision of "Utilizing solar energy, Building a green world ", by setting strategic goals, paying close attention to carbon emissions in the production and operation process, while sharing energy-saving, carbon emission reduction and new energy technology development experience to create a better living environment for mankind and inject "green power" into the sustainable development of the world.


EV100 is a global initiative led by international non-profit the Climate Group, which brings together companies committed to making electric transport the new normal by 2030. Over half of all new vehicles on the road go into company fleets, so it's crucial that businesses lead the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) through their investment decisions and influence on millions of staff and customers worldwide.

EP100 is a global initiative by international non-profit the Climate Group, bringing together a growing group of energy-smart companies committed to doing more with less to improve their energy productivity. Members are driving tech innovation and reducing emissions while making substantial cost savings and improving competitiveness – inspiring others to follow their lead.