LONGi upgrades its full life-cycle services, creating industry benchmark for global customers

Global News

LONGi, the global leading solar technology company, has always been customer-centric in its approach, from pre-purchase to the end of the product life-cycle, to provide customers around the world with full life-cycle service guarantees and related maintenance.

Today, LONGi supplies each year more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and module products globally. As the company’s business rapidly develops, it has adhered to its core values of "Leading technology, stability and reliability", delving deep into customer needs, continuing to improve the customer service experience, and using the most advanced tools and scientific methods to live up to the trust of customers, providing them with industry-leading services.

Although each module has been strictly inspected before shipment from LONGi’s global factories, some problems will inevitably occur during transportation and long-term use of a small component of a module. Once a problem occurs, thinking about the customer’s point of view and quickly resolving the issue is the only way forward. 

In order to solve global customers’ problems in a timely fashion, LONGi has set up over 10 marketing and service centers in its global core markets to provide a local service 24/7. LONGi not only responds to its customers’ needs in a timely manner during the after-sales phase but, at the very beginning of business communication, the company also provides efficient and professional advice in terms of product selection, cooperation planning, business support, logistics and transportation.

LONGi’s global technical team has many professional experts, and each has at least 10 years industry experience. They can be office based, but can also go to the front line of the project to trace a problem’s origin.

After continuous review and enhancement, LONGi has established a global three-tier service system from headquarters to overseas markets.

——At the local service level, LONGi handles customer complaints and feedback, product consultation and training, on-site analysis of power plant problems, implementation of solutions, and return and exchange of goods.

——At the regional service level, LONGi handles the analysis of customer complaints and feedback, the establishment and enhancement of customer files, feedback on solutions, and comprehensive customer return visits.

——At the headquarters service level, LONGi handles communication with major customers, service system construction, research on common issues, and customer return visits and supervision.

To ensure that its after-sales service policy is effectively implemented and efficiently coordinated globally, LONGi has established three supporting platforms.

——Customer Complaint Platform - LONGi advocates globally unified service standards to provide customers' with cross-regional, internal and cross-departmental efficiency of operations.

——Spare Parts Platform - LONGi has set up a spare parts management system in its global core markets to solve the problem of module replacement in a timely manner.

——Failure Analysis Platform – Based on on-site information collection, an accurate information entry system, and an expert analysis team, LONGi assists its customers to solve all problems that they may encounter during the whole life cycle of a project.

The quality and commitment of LONGi’s global service teams will continue to enhance the customer service experience and provide industry-leading solutions for global clients and partners.