LONGi awarded RETC High Achiever Award for excellent module performance

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June 5, 2019, renowned American testing institution RETC presented the High Achiever Award to LONGi. The award was presented after RETC’s rigorous tests on LONGi's PV products. In all, RETC tested more than 2,500 individual modules, from more than 150 different module families, made by 46 different suppliers. 

This test is the first comprehensive evaluation of module performance by RETC. After testing, LONGi has achieved “High Performance” in all three categories of reliability, product performance and quality commitment, affirming the high reliability and superior performance of LONGi's mono crystalline modules.

RETC is ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA, an ILAC affiliated laboratory, and awarded CBTL status, the highest accreditation in the IEC scheme. RETC offers Outdoor Endurance and Long Term Performance testing capabilities at its Nevada test site for desert/southwest weather conditions and at its Philippines test site for tropical high temperature and high humidity weather conditions.

Cherif Kedir, President and CEO of RETC, said, "the test report released by RETC will help the entire PV industry to better evaluate module products based on the reliable properties of products beyond efficiency and cost. The module products that pass this test will provide customers with better protection and higher value for its high quality, reliability and timely product delivery.”

About Renewable Energy Test Center

Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) is one of the world’s leading independent engineering and certification test laboratories for photovoltaic and renewable energy products. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the heart of Silicon Valley, RETC provides unequaled engineering support for R&D, certification and field testing for fast-track product introduction and for bankability assessments.