LONGi joins ITALIA SOLARE PV association

Global News

LONGi, global leading solar technology company, announces that it has recently joined the Italian PV business association ITALIA SOLARE, the national and international benchmark for sustainable development and energy independence based on the use of clean energy sources.

ITALIA SOLARE has been working since 2015 to stimulate the transition towards an energy model based on the production, storage, management and distribution of energy through distributed generation from renewable sources, in particular, solar PV. It also promotes their integration with smart grids, e-mobility and energy efficiency technologies to increase the energy performance of buildings.

By joining this association, LONGi seeks to consolidate its presence in the Italian PV market which, according to data contained in the SolarPower Europe report EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2019-2023, passed the 20 GW installed mark at the end of 2019, to account for around 16% of the EU’s total installed PV capacity. Furthermore, the country’s Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, submitted to Brussels by the Italian government last January, contains a target of 52 GW to 2030.

LONGi will help achieve these objectives, thanks to its high quality products, financial strength and large production capacity. LONGi will close 2020 with 30 GW of manufacturing capacity of high efficiency monocrystalline modules. In terms of cells and modules, LONGi has achieved continuous technological breakthroughs.The product conversion efficiency has been increasing consistently to reach a world record of 22.38%; and large-scale mass production technical solutions have been continuously helping in increasing output and improving product performance.

"We are delighted to have joined ITALIA SOLARE as we will be working together to promote a smarter and more sustainable energy model. PV has managed to demonstrate that it is also competitive even without incentives, in addition to being the most representative source of distributed generation. Every residential, commercial and industrial user can produce his own energy”, says Francesco Emmolo, Country Manager for Italy.

“At LONGi we are ready to offer our clients – both in utility and rooftop business – the best value with our high efficiency monocrystalline technology so their projects can achieve optimum performance at the most competitive price.  Our module offering has helped satisfy the market demand for more efficient products, ensuring a continuous reduction in BOS costs and an improved LCOE”, concludes Emmolo.