LONGi Solar: Top 3 Most Bankable PV Module Brand in the World

Global News

In the latest “2018 PV Module Brand Bankability Report”, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) ranks LONGi Solar the top 3 most bankable PV module brand with 1,025MW of loan-financed PV projects in the past two years. LONGi Solar’s ranking rose four places from the last year. 

Theranking demonstrates LONGiSolar strengthening bankability as more banks providenon-recourse loans for the PV projects specified with the company’s modules.Solar project developers now have the ability and favorable conditions tofinance their solar projects with LONGi Solar high efficiency modules.

BNEF’sranking is based on its database containing 25,455 PV financing projects,involving 57 PV module brands worldwide.

The “2018 PV Module Brand Bankability Report”, BNEF also provided Altman-Z scores of the world’s largest PV module makers in 2018-Q1. LONGi Solar ranks ahead of its rivals in the manufacturer credit ratings.

In the same report, BNEF has also featured the “PV Module Reliability Scorecard” released by the authoritative certification institution DNV GL. LONGi Solar is recognized as a “TOP PERFORMER” module maker by DNV GL for two consecutive years.

Mr. Wenxue Li, President of LONGi Solar, added, "Strong financials and bankability that are independently verified by Bloomberg NEF is one of many validations of LONGi Solar as a reliable company with reliable products. Our strength in product, technology and financial health provides the best guarantee for our customers.”