New Year Message for 2019 from President of LONGi Solar

Global News

Dear Friends and Partners,

At a time when we turn the page on one year and look ahead to the future, I would like to extend my New Year greetings to all employees of the company and our partners who have supported LONGi. We achieved good results in 2018. Today, despite challenges at home and abroad, LONGi is matching the global growth of solar. In addition, the company is doing so in a financially sustainable fashion, with a recent BNEF report ranking us as the most secure Chinese solar manufacturer in the industry.

Our ongoing commitment to research and development has continued to yield exceptional results in 2018, with cell efficiency records tumbling this year. The potential for Mono PERC solar cells is unrivalled, and our successes in markets around the world are testament to the fact that the global market is moving towards Mono technology.

Despite some of the barriers that we have all recently faced, hurdles to success are being removed faster than they are being created. Europe is witnessing a new era of post-subsidy deployment. Southeast Asia is recognizing the value of PV power plants and deploying utilities PV at scale. Regulatory, economic and technology developments are aligning in solar’s favor, from America to Australia.

The global threat of climate change was under the spotlight once more in December, as governments gathered in Poland for the UN climate talks and sought consensus on the best path forward. Emission reduction is the priority now, regardless of the status of political negotiations. Decarbonization is key and, from reservoirs to rooftops at all latitudes, LONGi modules are making their own positive contribution. We believe that solar with storage will soon be the cheapest source of energy and we are trying to make our dream “Solar for Solar” come true.

While emission reduction is the priority, all of us in the industry should also stay mindful of the social contribution solar makes. Remote regions become connected, impoverished communities can make new strides with an electrified economy and precious vegetation can remain in the ground in the Sahara as the sun offers a cleaner, cheaper alternative to firewood stoves and kerosene lamps.

These shared achievements are greater than the sum of their individual parts. It is for this reason that LONGi considers its leading role to mean that we have responsibility to serve as a leader for the industry. We engage with both mainstream and industry media to spread this message.

It is why we participate in PV public service program actively. Applying PV to poverty alleviation is a great initiative in China and LONGi advocates using the most advanced PV products in this program to help the less fortunate rise from their circumstances. Beyond that, we extend our work in public welfare projects. Through gifts of solar, books and other vital supplies for schools, we are offering the next generation - a solar generation - every advantage we can.

With all this in mind, we sincerely hope all who agree with the philosophy of our company will continue to work with us in 2019. Together we can increase the momentum achieved by the industry thus far in maximizing the global impact of solar.

I wish each and every one of you happiness, good fortune and success in the New Year.


My warmest personal regards,

Li. Wenxue