Shipments of LONGi high-efficiency bifacial modules reach 10GW

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Low LID & High Bifacial Gain

Shipments of LONGi’s high-efficiency bifacial modules have now reached 10GW, with expectations that production will reach 12GW by the end of 2020.

Bifacial modules are now one of the more mature developments in solar panel technology. Thanks to their low LID and high efficiency, they are now on track to be the latest trend to sweep the PV industry and will soon become the standard. In 2017, LONGi became one of the earliest suppliers to promote this technology with its Hi-MO2 bifacial module. In 2018, with half-cut technology and bifacial cells, Hi-MO 3 was launched and 2019 saw the widespread adoption of bifacial modules, with the 166mm Hi-MO 4 (high voltage) module being a disruptive player in the solar PV market. As the era of grid parity approaches, the all new Hi-MO 5 bifacial module has been launched this year for delivery to investors in utility-scale PV plants around the world.

Global Application Delivering True Value

With its strong commitment to innovation, LONGi achieved mass production of bifacial modules based on PERC technology in 2017. The company’s bifacial modules have since been widely installed around the globe, from a 390MW project in Aswan, Egypt to a 224MW plant in Georgia, USA.

LONGi’s internal research suggests that the market share for bifacial modules will grow. As  production increases (meaning more available data and improved design), extra costs resulting from producing the rear side of a bifacial module can be offset by the reduction in LCOE and improved profitability.

Regenerating the Future with the all new Hi-MO 5

Based on newly built cell and module production capacity, the Hi-MO 5 module (M10 standard wafer) made its debut in June 2020. This new range of high-power modules is designed for ultra-large power stations, with a maximum power of 540W and an efficiency of 21.1% to deliver both performance and long-term reliability.

With shipments of bifacial panels reaching the milestone of 10GW, LONGi will continue to drive down the LCOE to deliver for our customers and generate a more promising future for the PV industry.