LONGi Solar’s North American tour:A story of improved solar economics and cost reductions

Global News

LONGi Solar executives and team members recently attended a series of industry events focused on the North American market, including the Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Future of Energy Summit in New York, Greentech Media’s Solar Summit 2018 in California and MIREC Week in Mexico. 

Furthering its commitment to international collaboration and to leading the movement to high-efficiency solar modules, LONGi Solar executives met with business leaders, customers, partners, journalists and analysts to discuss the next generation product the company is bringing the North American market.

At the BNEF Future of Energy Summit – LONGi Solar’s top leadership presented alongside strategic partners including DuPont and Sungrow at various forums at the event. Ken Johnston, director of North American sales at LONGi Solar (US), closed out the first day’s general program with a speech on “Next Generation Solution of Solar and Renewable Energy.” Archie Flores, general manager at LONGi Solar (US), spoke on a panel, “Thriving in the Downstream PV Market: Tools and Best Practices From Solar Leaders.” The BNEF Summit is a premier invitation-only global forum for energy, industry, finance and policy, and attracts market leaders from across the world. At the Summit, LONGi Solar hosted several VIP receptions including a customer workshop, media meeting and dinner for invited guests.

Li Zhenguo, president and founder of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd., emphasized how advanced solar technological innovation can be used as a tool to improve solar projects’ economics – view a video interview with Li Zhenguo at the Summit here.

executives emphasized the importance of innovation in combating market uncertainty. As the economics in the U.S. solar industry constantly changes, LONGi Solar helps combat market uncertainty by improving the economics and reliability of solar technology through top-rate innovation. The company’s impressive bankability and industry-leading investments in research and development acted as strong points of differentiation for LONGi Solar and demonstrated the company’s determination to help solar reach universal grid parity.

The impressive reduction in solar costs continues to be a fascinating topic within North America, having acted as a catalyst for project developers to reimagine solar economics and solar pricing as compared to conventional fuels like natural gas.

Solar Summit 2018 in California focused on the business of solar and offered a mix of market intelligence from leading experts, including Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) CEO, Abby Hopper, and ENGIE North America President and CEO, Frank Demaille. For LONGi Solar, a large topic of conversation was the growing panel capacity in China and its role in driving down solar economics. View a video interview with LONGi Solar’s Director of Technical Marketing Hongbin Fang in this CGTN America piece on the solar industry’s future.

team then went to MIREC Week in Mexico, which acts as a marketplace for Mexico’s clean energy sector. For markets such as Mexico with high solar radiation, LONGi Solar’s two-sided, bifacial solar modules that capture more refracted light offer particularly greater value to solar projects than conventional modules. 

The benefits that come from greater energy yield are multifold – since project developers can get the same yield from fewer panels, their labor, land and system costs are then reduced. LONGi Solar is confident that the North American market is quickly seeing high energy yield products as the next frontier to improved solar economics and a great solution especially during times of uncertainty.

Look for future presentations from the LONGi Solar executive team at Intersolar North America in San Francisco, California, July 10 – 12, and Solar Power International in Anaheim, California, September 24 – 27.