LONGi Solar’s mono module wins TÜV Rheinland “PV module energy yield simulation” with top score

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TÜV “All Quality Matters”, a grand PV event, was held in Wuxi, China yesterday and officially released the list of “All Quality Matters” award winners for 2017 that has attracted much attention in the industry. The products of participating PV companies were strictly tested under the environments simulating Cologne of Germany, Datong of China, Kumamoto of Japan, Chennai of India and Los Angeles of the United States to obtain the statistics about their yields for the purpose of the “PV module energy yield simulation” contest. In the end, with the highest overall actual yield data, LONGi Solar’s 60-cell monocrystalline solar module became the winner of the “PV module energy yield simulation (Mono group)”, the only award for monocrystalline products; and, with all modules ranking first, LONGi Solar proved the leading energy yield capacity of its monocrystalline modules. 

The “PV module energy yield simulation (Mono group)” conducted a sample testing of the products of the participating PV companies, the tested samples should have realized industrial mass production, the module companies provided serial numbers and TÜV conducted random sampling.By testing the initial LID of the modules and their performance at different irradiance and temperatures, to complete the yield simulation. After rigorous testing, the ranking was determined according to the test data, and the “PV module energy yield simulation Winner” was awarded to a monocrystalline module and a polycrystalline module respectively. Following the principles of “openness, fairness and justice”, TÜV Rheinland disclosed the test data on the spot to convince the industry of the award results.

Li Wenxue, President of LONGi Solar, said: “LONGi Solar has always insisted on serving customers with the best quality products and services. This award is the result of an objective field test, proves that LONGi Solar’s monocrystalline modules have very good energy yield capacity, and will boost customers’ confidence in our products; it also reinforces our confidence and determination in monocrystalline products. LONGi Solar will continue to work hard to live up to the trust of everyone, develop more reliable and efficient products, and provide customers with more cost-effective services.”

LONGi Solar has the world's leading R & D technical capacity and quality control system, has devoted all advantageous resources to the R & D and production of monocrystalline products, adhered to the best product quality, and made major breakthroughs in the monocrystalline area, committed to providing PV power plant investors with the best LCOE solutions.