LONGi’s monofacial and bifacial PERC modules ranked NO.1 in PV Magazine power generation tests

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Recently, PV Magazine of Germany updated the field test results of “PV Magazine Test” (till May 2019). LONGi’s Hi-MO series of high efficiency mono PERC modules continued to take the lead, with energy yields ranking first in both monofacial and bifacial groups. 
The test scheme randomly selects five samples from 2000 modules, and, after visual, deploys one for outdoor performance test, one for EL image inspection, one for electrical properties test, and so on. Energy yields are normalized by module power. The energy yields of all modules from November 2018 to May 2019 are shown as below: 

In the 6 months test period, the energy yield of LONGi’s bifacial PERC module is 2.75% higher than that of Enterprise A’s bifacial PERC module and 3.60% higher than that of Enterprise B’s N-PERT module. In the monofacial group, LONGi’s two PERC modules also take a significant lead, with average energy yield 2.74% higher than that of the three other monocrystalline PERC modules brands. The positive results demonstrates LONGi’s excellent cell performance and module manufacturing quality. 
The power generation of mono PERC is generally superior to conventional mono and poly modules. In the tests, MWT technology does not improve the yield performance of polycrystalline modules.

As can be seen above, the monthly energy gain of LONGi’s PERC module stabilized at about 3% and annual average gain is 3.36% compared with Enterprise G’s polycrystalline module,. Due to the initial LID and recovery phenomena, a 3% loss can be seen in August 2018 with Enterprise G’s regular monocrystalline compared with its polycrystalline. This  stabilized at about 1% average annual gain 
Overall, the rigorous “PV Magazine Test” has demonstrated the excellent and stable power generation of LONGi’s Hi-MO series of high performance modules. The new Hi-MO4 launched in 2019 significantly increases module power and maintained excellent power generation characteristics, thereby reducing the system cost of photovoltaic power stations and bringing higher benefits to investors.